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Modern Bathroom Fixtures, Furniture & Accessories

Bold geometry and a minimalist aesthetic define modern design. Inspired by art movements of the early and mid-twentieth century, the clean lines and daring curves of modern style furniture invite a fresh, pure elegance into your home. A favorite home décor choice for those who crave an open, airy space with minimum clutter, contemporary style brings calm to any room. If you’re ready to achieve this design, we offer fixtures with a sleek, modern look, including bathtubs, vanities, mirrors and accessories.

Absolutely nothing elevates a bathroom like a freestanding tub. If you’re looking for the ultimate statement piece, our freestanding modern bathtubs come in a range of geometric forms that will surprise and delight your senses. From unapologetic rectangles to opulent ovals, you’ve never seen bathtubs like this before. The Vale forms a perfect circle for a decadent bath built to host company and the triangular corners of the Calabasas evoke the facets of a rare jewel. The Hialeah’s swooping profile is perfect for those with a sense of whimsy, while the straight-edged Moorepark appeals to those who appreciate a more austere look. Whichever model you choose, you'll be transforming your bathroom into a chic home spa. Every contemporary style tub is made of lightweight acrylic, so your bath will stay warm as long as you want it too. No matter the space you’re working with, we have a bathtub that will fit, both in physical dimensions and in style.
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