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Sinks for Bathrooms & Kitchens

When designing the bathroom that works best for your project, there are a variety of factors that can go into your choice of a bathroom sink. The style, shape and color all have an effect on your overall design, while the installation type, material and size determine functionality once it’s installed. Our selection will let you shop based on any or all of these factors, giving you the opportunity to determine which is the ideal choice for you.

Vessel sinks are a dramatic touch that can complement a variety of styles. Usually resembling elegant bowls or troughs, they sit on top of the bathroom vanity and make a striking visual focal point. For this very reason, the variety of colors and materials is quite broad. For a rustic nature, there are wood grain looks in marble. If you prefer a modern or sleek touch, shiny black granite can add a touch of elegance against a dark vanity top or a dramatic contrast against a white one. A subtler look can be achieved with white marble or grey granite options that are timeless and classic. In addition to the material and color, these sinks can be rectangular, round, square and even oval in shape. There are also height variances, with tall options for dramatic effects and shallow options for a softer touch.
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