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Bathroom Mirrors

There are many ways to design a bathroom, from creating a layout to deciding on fixtures and colors. Mirrors are a necessary element of décor. Don’t limit yourself to basic designs that lack finesse. Maykke’s selection offers many shapes, designs and frames to suit anyone’s decorating style. Whether you’re updating your current space or redesigning your entire bathroom, mirrors are a great place to start for some eye-catching inspiration.

Traditionally, bathroom mirrors were simply a functional tool to help prepare yourself for the day. Now, their simplicity and versatility make these an excellent decorating piece. They provide an opportunity to add both function and style to your bathroom. You can get creative with a unique design, keep it simple and elegant, or mix and match different styles for your personal blend of complementary styles and shapes. However, don’t forget they need to prevail in functionality while remaining decorative.

Determine the size of mirror you will need. This is typically dictated by the length of your vanity counter top. If you are installing bathroom vanity pieces, they should be at least two inches more narrow than your vanity. This eliminates the “box look” that tends to make setups look cheap by design. They should typically be no taller than your vanity while still leaving about four to six inches from its top to the ceiling. Remember to factor in any lighting located directly above your product.
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