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Lighting Fixtures

Light fixtures function far beyond mere accessory pieces that compliment your decor. The right lighting can define the ambiance of the room. Our industrial lighting collection will transform your space with modern yet rustic distinction. For a traditional look, our table lamps bring an elegant and timeless touch. Industrial interior design is one of the most popular recent design movements, having made its way from commercial spaces to loft apartments to modern homes. Along with exposed beams, pipes, and wood ceilings, the use of lighting plays an important role in industrial interior design. Whether it utilizes a glass shade with a soft antique-style finish or dark copper tones, industrial lighting charms your spaces with its rich warmth.

Our selection of industrial lighting for sale combines urban and rustic aesthetics to produce durable pieces for your home décor. The Covington line includes the Covington Wall Sconce and Covington Pendant Light. Made with dark tone bronze-colored iron and sturdy black aluminum, these pieces add an element of curated functionality to contemporary spaces. Hang a few Covington Pendant Lights over your dining room table or kitchen island for a charming, unifying effect.

In contrast, the Bristow line mimics the bare bulb with a glass shade, creating a modern take on the simplicity of industrial interior design. Pendant lighting, like the Bristow Pendant Light, offers a unique alternative to larger chandeliers and brings the industrial aesthetic into suspension throughout the room. Not to mention, it frees up valuable floor space. The Bristow Mini Pendant Lights are small enough to hang several within one area without creating clutter. Pendant lighting helps unify your design scheme and casts your room in a humble glow.
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