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Even after the most thorough home renovations, there are those finishing touches that need to be taken care of. Entertaining important guests but don't want to let the goings on in the kitchen disrupt the dinner party? One of our sliding doors will separate the two nicely while the built in windows still lets the caterers or cook see what course the guests are on? Rooms are all painted but those run-of-the-mill light switch and outlet covers don't do justice to your professional paint job? Get a polished bronze switch cover as an accent. That old drain just isn't up to the job of your busy bathroom and kitchen. We have a high-quality replacement that brings them back to life. Finally, you've put all this work into your home renovation so it would be nice if guests could find it. Attach a new set of address numbers to your front door or mailbox to give them a proper welcome. A major upgrade is costly and time consuming but with our simple home improvement solutions you can tie a room together, bring it to life, or just give it that accent that makes it all work. Even if you do have the time and budget for a major project, our hardware and doors can serve as the linchpin to finishing up a room, sink or front porch, or add that extra bit of functionality to take your average space to showcase in a weekend -- all that's missing is just right accessory. Let us help you showcase all your home-improvement projects with our robust collection of lightswitch covers, sink drains, sliding-door partitions, even those exterior address numbers. It's all about the details when it comes to hardware which is why our assortment of room finishers have high-construction, excellent craftsmanship, and designed for maintenance care with all installation hardware included.