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The Accessories You Need for a Luxury Master Bathroom



In order to create a luxurious master bathroom, the most important thing to remember is that attention to the small details can make a huge difference in how the final product comes out. Here are some of the most important things to consider:

Scents, Scents, Scents


Giving your bathroom a fragrant scent is a remarkably inexpensive way to really liven up your space. By adding scented candles, air fresheners, potpourri, and luxurious soaps into the mix, it will be like music to your — well, nose.

Dramatic Lighting


Based on your style, you can go with a chandelier, futuristic lamp, or light dimmers to create ambiance within the room. A beautiful chandelier can give your bathroom an elegant look; while a sleek lamp can give your bathroom a modern and yet artistic feel.

Focus on a Mirror


The mirror in your bathroom is a very important detail – but it doesn’t necessarily have to be a small one. You can choose a very big mirror, a framed mirror, or a retro one. It will certainly define the whole style of your bathroom. A unique mirror that matches your preferred style can steer you in the right direction.

The Elegance of Neutral Colors

Vivid colors can give your bathroom a really nice and modern touch, but if you want luxury, it’s best to stick primarily with neutral colors like white, ivory, beige and black. Yes, irreplaceable black – the most ultimate touch of luxury. Many times, in these types of redesign scenarios – less is more. If you want to get creative, you can also add in a slight touch of bright color if you wish, in the form of a vase or set of towels. Extra kudos if you rotate these colors out based on the season.

A Premium Quality Bathtub


An outdated bathtub has no place in your home’s sanctuary. As the centerpiece, it definitely should be modern and very cozy. It can be stylish or simple, large or small – you can choose the style that works best for you.


Even just one quality piece of art will give your space points for originality. You can choose an abstract painting, big printed wallpaper photography, or a sculpture. The main thing to consider is that the piece should have something in common with the other accessories: The same color, pattern, material, or shape.

Happy accessorizing!

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