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A Vanity For Every Style

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Whether you are redoing your bathroom or creating one for your new home, choosing a vanity will be a very important step. Are you going for a fresh modern vibe? Is minimalist your style? Does your bathroom already have a look you are trying to match? 

A vanity is a piece of furniture that can make quite an impact in your bathroom; in fact, it often becomes the focal point. With that in mind, let’s delve into a few examples of different styles.

Zenia Contemporary Vanities

Zenia Vanity

For a contemporary look, go no further than the Zenia Contemporary Vanity, available in a rich cinnamon color. This freestanding piece makes a bold statement and offers a single large drawer and space below which can hold some extra towels or other essentials. The Zenia is available in two different sizes to conveniently fit a small or large bathroom space.

Abigail Vanity Collections

Abigail Vanity

When looking for a touch of old-world charm, the Abigail Vanity may be for you. This vanity comes in French gray or in American Walnut and is available in a variety of sizes and configurations. The Abigail offers much storage space, brushed nickel hardware, and raised molding accents.

Dani Vanity Collection

Dani Vanity


The wall mounted bathroom vanity, as seen in our Dani Collection, is trending right now. This modern style which is sometimes called the “floating vanity” has clean lines and is versatile enough to work beautifully in both smaller spaces and larger bathrooms. The Dani has one deep, large drawer to hold many of your bathroom essentials and comes in white or chocolate birch. The open space underneath can be left as is or if you need extra storage consider adding baskets or bins.

Delilah Vanity Collection

Delilah Vanity


If the modern look is not quite your style, but traditional isn’t quite right either, then a transitional vanity may be the ticket.The Delilah Vanity is an exceptional piece that offers you the best of both words. It comes with beautiful details, much storage space, and is offered in white with black hardware.