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How we deliver value

Who Is Maykke?

We’re the furniture industry’s best secret. Accessing and buying high quality home goods used to be a luxury only the ultra-wealthy could afford. The traditional model holds products in factories before selling them to retail showrooms that markup the price and then sell to you. By the time you make your purchase, you’re paying the factories, the retailers, the salesperson, and the shipping company before the product finally arrives at your door. We founded Maykke because we believe our model is better. Maykke brings premier furniture and home goods directly to you at never-before-seen prices. By working with top factories around the globe, we curate a selection of products leading in quality and style. And with our free shipping, finding your home’s favorite new piece has never been easier. We save time, money, and hassle to help you #MaykkeLifeRich.

How we do it?

Factory direct to you

The Traditional Retail Model

We aim to Maykke Life Rich. How? We work tirelessly to find timeless, stylish and quality products from the right factories and to ensure that every product offered on our store has been manufactured to meet our high standards and yours. We save you time and hassle so you can relax while we do the heavy lifting for you.”

Maykke Founders

Delivering Peace of Mind

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    Any product, anywhere.

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    Painless refunds and returns within 30 days.

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    From our warehouse to your door.