Mitte Towel Ring

Mitte Towel Ring

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SKU: OYA10413-P
Description & Features

Description & Features

  • Offered in lovely brushed nickel or chrome finish to fit any design
  • Durable brass construction is perfect for everyday use
  • Unique square design leads in practicality and modern style

Looking for a feature that will pop? This Mitte towel ring gives your bathroom prestige by adding a unique, decorative twist to your walls. The unconventional square design of the ring adds a truly distinguishing feature. The square shape lays towels across an even surface, establishing the Mitte towel ring as both an accent piece and a practical fixture. Small features like this can make all the difference in adding quality and beauty to your room. With simple installation and easy-to-use brackets, this towel ring is a modern, chic way to delight guests when they step into your bathroom.


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