Drain Placement

Drain placement refers to where the drain is located on the bathtub and in your bathroom.

Faucet Drilling

Some tubs come with pre-drilled holes for faucets so that you, or your contractor, do not have to do this themselves. 

Feet Finish

Feet finish is referring to the color of the bathtub’s feet.

Feet Material

Feet material can be made out of cast iron or other materials. 


The finish refers to the color of the tub.

Interior Dimensions

The interior dimensions are referring to the Width x Depth x Height of the bathtub. 

Interior Treatment

This refers to any special coatings that may have been applied when producing the bathtub. There maybe a smooth treatment or a slightly abrasive treatment to prevent slippage.  

Installation Type/ Tub Style

Bathtub installation types refer to the way that a bathtub can be installed into a home. For example, an apron bathtub must be installed against 1-3 walls rather than a freestanding bathtub that can be placed anywhere.


Material refers to what the bathtub is made out of.

Overflow hole

The overflow hole is referring to an outlet for excess water just in case the tub accidentally overflows.


Style refers to the type of bathtub that can be found such as clawfoot and freestanding.

Tap Deck

The Tap Deck for the faucet holes that will be cut out of the bathtub for the faucet.

Total Weight When Filled

This is the total weight of the bathtub when filled to its capacity with water.

Tub Interior Depth

The tub interior depth is the measurement from inside the front of the tub to the back of the tubs interior.

Tub Interior Height

The tub interior height is the measurement of how tall the bathtub is from the inside.

Tub Interior Width

The tub interior width is the measurement from inside the left side to the right side of the tubs interior.

Tub Rim

The tub rim also called the deck refers to the lip of the bathtub. This is important for those who will put soap on the ledge.

Water Capacity

While most people only use 80-90 gallons of water when filling up their bathtub.

Water Depth

Water depth talks about how deep the water in the bathtub can go.

Weight Capacity

The weight capacity is different from the weight when filled number. This is referring to the weight with water that the bathtub can hold.