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The Complete Bathroom Vanity Buying Guide

The Complete Bathroom Vanity Buying Guide

Buying a new bathroom vanity set can be somewhat of a daunting task. You have dozens of options to consider when looking at new bathroom vanities, from modern bathroom vanities to double bathroom vanities. Unlike other bathroom furniture, bathroom vanities are permanent fixtures that must be installed directly into the studs of your bathroom. This makes these bathroom fixtures similar in scope to bathroom medicine cabinets and bathroom wall cabinets that need to be affixed to your wall before use.

When deciding between bathroom vanities, there are several components that you must consider. These components will make up the layout of our complete vanity buying guide.

  1. Choosing the Right Fit
  2. Types of Bathroom Vanity Units
  3. Bathroom Vanity Styles
  4. Trending Designs
  5. Other Bathroom Furniture And Accessories  

contemporary bathroom vanities

1. Choosing the Right Fit

    Should you buy a 60 inch bathroom vanity or a 30 inch vanity? What about a 48 inch bathroom vanity or a 24 inch vanity? No two bathrooms are built alike because no two homes are built identically either. If you're remodeling your current bathroom, start by measure the height, width, and length of your current bathroom vanity units as a reference point for what you should purchase. Thankfully Maykke has you covered with dozens of bathroom vanities to choose from, ranging from 11 - 24 inch contemporary bathroom vanities to 61 - 72 inch transitional bathroom vanities.

    Choosing the right size for your new bathroom furniture requires that you thoroughly examine the layout of your current bathroom floor plan. Will your new vanity units fit within the current space that your previous vanity occupied? If you are considering larger bathroom vanity units, how will they fit with your current bathroom configuration? Do you have enough clearance in your current layout to accommodate a 60 inch vanity, or would opting for one of Maykke's space-saving modern bathroom vanities be a better solution for your bathroom furniture needs? Once you've decided upon a location for your new bathroom vanity set, you will want to take the following measurements into consideration:

    Height: Examine existing medicine cabinets, vanity units, and your ideal faucet height when choosing the height of your new bathroom vanity set. The standard height for a bathroom vanity is 32 inches, though depending on your personal preferences and design choices, you may want your vanity to have more, or less, height to suit your needs.

    While many bathroom vanities range in height from 33 - 36 inches, some modern bathroom vanities feature a legless design that is meant to be wall-mounted, giving you the ability to raise or lower the vanity units to your specifications. If opting for a vessel sink, you may want to choose a vanity with a lower overall height to accommodate the height of your vessel sink. You will also want to take into account your other vanity units, such as your bathroom wall cabinets, standard bathroom cabinets, and your bathroom vanity mirrors when deciding on the height of your vanity.

    small bathroom vanity

    Width: Ensure that all existing bathroom fixtures are clear of your vanity and that your vanity's doors can open and close within the space allotted for them. The width of your vanity ultimately dictates three design decisions, how much counter space will you have, what type of sink will you install, and how many sinks can you install. A small width vanity, such as the 19 inch Wren Vanity Set with Brockton Ceramic Sinktop is just wide enough to accommodate a single sink, while 60 inch Aiden Vanity can either function as a double sink vanity, or a single sink with extended counter space.

    Depth: Leave enough space to maneuver comfortably around your vanity while you or guests are using your bathroom. If space is a concern, a space-saving design, such as the 18 inch Addison vanity may be the perfect solution for your small space. Rather than large swinging doors, this design features cabinet drawers to store your bathroom essentials. If space is not a concern, you may want to consider a design such as the 61 inch Cecelia Vanity Collection, featuring tons of counter space and deep bathroom cabinets for additional bathroom storage. You will also need to factor in which way your bathroom door swings opened and where it opens in proximity to your new vanity.

    Another important consideration to make when thinking about the placement of your new vanity units is the location of other bathroom furniture, bathroom wall cabinets, bathroom vanity mirrors, and most importantly, your current bathroom plumbing. Unless you are planning on rerouting your existing plumbing, chances are you will be limited to the area in immediate proximity to your existing plumbing. Bathroom vanities with tops will require some extra planning, as their plumbing access may be pre-installed.

    60 inch double sink bathroom vanities

    2. Types of Bathroom Vanity Units

      Bathroom vanities can be broken down into two major categories, base cabinets, and side cabinets.

      Base cabinets, such as Maykke's Delilah Collection typically consist of cabinet space, a vanity top, sink, and faucet. You can find these base bathroom vanity units in complete sets, or piece them together, choosing from a variety of bathroom cabinets, bathroom vanity tops, sinks, faucets, and any additional vanity units that you would like to include. While building your own vanity does give you the freedom to customize the look of your bathroom cabinets, choosing a complete unit, such as the Burton white bathroom vanity, or the Abigail double sink bathroom vanity, takes the guess work out of your vanity purchase.

      Side cabinets are often accompaniments to your base vanity and are meant to serve as bathroom wall cabinets and other bathroom furniture to compliment your bathroom vanity design. Side cabinets such as the Burton floor cabinet, or the Winston linen tower, are designed to pair perfectly with the Burton white vanity set and Winston base cabinet. You can also include matching bathroom wall cabinets, bathroom vanity mirrors, and other bathroom furniture to flesh out your vanity units. 

      In addition to types of vanity units, you must also consider whether to choose from bathroom vanities with tops, or whether you will install your own custom countertop. By choosing your own countertop, you not only have the option to decide on the color and materials used but can opt to make a double sink vanity or a single sink vanity with extended counter space. Many modern bathroom vanities may also allow you to install a single sink or double sink vanity depending on your tastes. Choosing from a selection of bathroom vanities with tops pre-installed may be more convenient but at the cost of personally Choosing your vanity top and sink. Still, bathroom vanities with tops pre-installed may be an ideal choice for first-time remodelers, or anyone wanting to take the guess work out of planning a remodel.

       modern bathroom vanities

      3. Bathroom Vanity Styles

        Now that the specifics are out of the way, the fun can begin, choosing which vanity units and bathroom furniture match your style. From a design standpoint, there are two major styles trending in bathroom vanity design, modern bathroom vanities and contemporary bathroom vanities.

        Modern bathroom vanities typically feature sleek surfaces and clean finishes. Modern bathroom vanities such as the Dani may feature unique, minimalist designs that are created with compact, modern spaces in mind. Many modern bathroom vanities are designed with solid countertops giving you the option to cut a hole for a traditional sink top, such as the Brighton Ceramic Sinktop, or a modern vessel sink, such as the Benton White Marble vessel sink. Modern bathroom vanities are often designed to be thought-provoking, inspired, and beautiful and can incorporate a single sink or double sink vanity design. You may also choose between a modern vanity that requires a custom top or one of the many complete bathroom vanities with tops included.

        If the sleek design of modern bathroom vanities and bathroom cabinets leave something to be desired, you can always consider a contemporary design. Contemporary bathroom vanities with tops include classic designs, such as the Abigail Vanity Set, or the Aiden. These bathroom vanities will often feature a wood grain, and boast spacious drawers and bathroom cabinets to store linens, toiletries, and other bathroom essentials. Contemporary bathroom vanities with tops pre-installed may typically be designed for undermount style sinks, but you may also be able to incorporate a simple vessel sink, such as the Payson Lava Granite vessel sink without hindering the style of the vanity itself.

        framed bathroom mirrors

        4. Trending Designs

          While contemporary bathroom vanities and bathroom furniture will also have a place, modern designs for bathroom furniture, bathroom vanities, and bathroom vanity mirrors are trending toward sleek and minimalist. Your bathroom is a place where you will start your day and end your evening, and for many people, a sleek, beautiful, and inspired look is something that they desire in their bathroom.

          The Dani collection of bathroom vanities embodies this design and is optimal for small spaces. Paired with one of Maykke's LED bathroom vanity mirrors, such as the Taylor LED mirror with Bluetooth Speakers, this sleek, modern design will be the focal point of your bathroom for years to come.

          In modern bathrooms, space is often a commodity, and making the most use out of minimal space is a must. Bathroom vanity units such as bathroom vanity mirrors can serve double duty as a mirrored bathroom cabinet. Bathroom wall cabinets and bathroom and bathroom vanity mirrors may also be purchased in matching or accompanying sets to tie together the overall design of your bathroom and vanity set. Whether you are adding a double sink vanity, replacing old bathroom vanity mirrors, updating your bathroom wall cabinets, you want to make sure that each piece of bathroom furniture that you incorporate into your redesign serves a unique and specific purpose.

          If one of the all-in-one designs offered by Maykke does not fit your personal style, you can always build your own custom bathroom vanities by mixing and matching a base, countertop, sink, faucet and hardware then matching your custom vanity with one of Maykke's framed wall mirrors.

           widespread bathroom sink faucet

          5. Other Bathroom Furniture And Accessories

            Once you've selected your base and side vanity units, you'll want to finish the look of your bathroom vanities with complimentary bathroom wall cabinets, bathroom vanity mirrors, faucets, and hardware. 

            Maykke's line of sink faucets can meet any style or design that you are aiming for. The Sforzando 4 Inch Centerset Sink Faucet is ideal for a traditional or undermount sink and is available in polished chrome and brushed nickel finishes. For a more modern look, check out the angled Augusta 8 Inch Widespread Sink Faucet, available in both brushed nickel and oil-rubbed bronze. Maykke even has faucets for vessel sinks, including the Adalbert Single Hole Vessel Sink Faucet, or the  Friedrich Single Hole Vessel Sink Faucet. Whatever direction you choose to go with your bathroom vanity, Maykke has a vanity faucet solution for you.

            While the style of your bathroom vanities and bathroom wall cabinets play a major role in the overall look and feel of your finished bathroom vanity. Match your brushed nickel sink faucet with complementing brushed nickel door and cabinet handles. Don't forget to choose a matching outlet cover, such as Maykke's Graham Single Rocker Switch Cover, available in polished brass, polished chrome, brushed nickel, oil-rubbed bronze, and antique brass to match any of your new bathroom fixtures.

            led bathroom mirror

            Maykke's collection of bathroom vanity mirrors are designed to bring a modern touch to your bathroom while complimenting their line of bathroom vanities and bathroom wall cabinets. Classic designs, such as the  Chloe Framed Wall Mirror come in a variety of colors designed to work with the Aiden, Delilah, Nesssa, Sterling, and Winston vanity collections. For a modern touch, consider the frameless Harper LED Mirror with built in LED lights, or the 2 Door Bailey 40 x 28 LED Mirrored Medicine Cabinet

            Using these final finishing touches is essential for creating a concrete, cohesive look for your finished bathroom vanity. Maykke's product lines are designed with cross-compatibility in mind, making it easy for you to have peace of mind when deciding on the look of your bathroom remodel.

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