24 / January / 2017

What To Know Before Remodeling Your Bathroom

For a comprehensive bathroom remodeling, replacing a few old pieces may not cut it— a complete redesign can be a fun and exciting project that adds immense value to your home. If done correctly, your bathroom should have a totally new look and feel to it after the remodeling is complete. Here are some of the most important things you should consider:

Be Strategic About Managing Space

You may already have your budget in place, and loads of stylish ideas, but your bathroom size will likely remain constant. Try to save space as best you can: If you have a small bathroom, use light colors for wallpapers or tiles to visually expand the space, and install hooks on the wall instead of having large racks.

Be Practical

Think about how you use your bathroom so that you can make the most out of it. Will you use it to take a nice long bath with a glass of wine and a magazine, or just a quick shower? Focus on the functional elements of what you want most, and be sure to make these the central theme of your renovation plan.

Consider Buying a Wall-hung Toilet

This style is great, because the tank is hidden behind the wall; saving lots of space and creating a nice aesthetic within the room. It is a nice bathroom element to have – while it’s modern, it doesn’t come off as being too futuristic for a range of styles.

Water Matters

This is the part of remodeling you won't be able to see, but investing smartly in this area will save you lots of trouble for years to come. Many pipes are merely 1.5 inches wide, and you can imagine how easily hair can clog up from typical cycles of washing and shaving. 

By replacing these with 2 inch pipes, you’ll be much less likely to get stuck having to deal with clogs. One more thing you have to consider is the location and flow of the pipes – if you live in an area with very cold winters, a pipe should never go through an exterior wall, because you risk dealing with frozen pipes that won’t be pumping any water, and can become a hassle to deal with. 

Consider the Lighting

Lighting can transform the way a room sparkles at night, and give it the cozy feel you need to unwind after a long day. Installing a dimmer switch is an excellent choice, so you can change the intensity of the lights, and create an ambient mood for relaxation at the end of your day.

In short, the best way to renovate your bathroom is to adjust it to your needs and to the needs of your household. It’s one of the most private and intimate places in your home, so make sure it has your personal touch.


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