30 / January / 2017

What To Know Before Buying A Sink

So, you want to replace your old sink? It’s important to choose carefully when choosing the new sink you want to buy, because though it may seem like a small element of the room, it can actually give it a completely new look.

How to Choose the Right Material

The material a sink is composed of is what makes the biggest difference in the quality and durability of the sink. Ceramic sinks are known for having strong surfaces that are resistant to many types of impact or wear and tear. They’re also easy to clean, look beautiful, and can be purchased for a fraction of the retail value from Maykke’s factory direct online platform (with free shipping).

Sinks made of glass look can look very elegant. Chemical products like cleaners or acetone – based nail removers won’t do any harm to the glass. But these are not as popular for one main reason: Though beautiful, these are extremely delicate, and can be broken quite easily as compared to other materials. If you want a nice old-fashioned sink for your bathroom, you can choose porcelain, which is also easy to clean because of how smooth and stain resistant it is.

Nowadays, there are many different shapes and models, so porcelain can look very modern too. Stainless steel made sinks are the most sustainable type, as you could suppose. They can look very modern and original. The steel is usually material for kitchen sinks, but can also be used for bathroom sinks too.


It’s smart to consider the distance between the faucet and the sink, to ensure there won’t be too much water splashing outside of the sink during use. For instance, if you know a big sink is not ideal for your bathroom, then a shorter faucet will be a better fit.

Sink Size

The size of sink you need largely depends on what you need it for. If you need it only for washing your hands or face, then it doesn’t have to be too big or deep. But if you plan to use it to soak clothing or to give the baby a bath, perhaps a bigger one could be better suited. Thinking about their purpose in addition to their style is important for this reason.


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