What Goes Into A Best-Selling Bathtub

31 / August / 2017

What Goes Into A Best-Selling Bathtub

How we made the #1 best selling bathtub on Amazon

Recently, our Barnet 61” bathtub was crowned the #1 best selling freestanding tub on Amazon. When we heard the news, our VP of E-Commerce popped one of our designated “best seller” bottles of champagne, and the whole office celebrated.

We’ve worked hard to produce Amazon’s most popular freestanding tub. Well, we work meticulously hard to bring you every item on Maykke.com. Before we share what makes the Barnet a best selling freestanding tub, we’ll let our reviews do the talking.

amazon best selling tub

We’re delighted to see our commitment to top-shelf quality and stylized designs so well-recognized. In fact, our customers have picked up on the exact same reasons we think the Barnet is so amazing. Here’s what makes it the best-selling freestanding tub.

“The weight was more than the others and that told me the quality was there.”

The Barnet features stunningly slim walls to establish its modern-style aesthetic, but don’t mistake this for flimsiness. Heavy-duty, insulated material provides strength that’s engineered to last. Cut from premium-grade acrylic, the Barnet freestanding tub weighs in at 121.28 lbs and 672.41 lbs when filled. Acrylic tubs are lightweight in comparison to cast iron tubs, so this customer is totally right: the heaviness is a true mark of quality.

“It was under a $1,000 which is amazing for the quality.”

This freestanding tub would cost you around $2,500 from a retailer. Maykke operates on a factory-direct model that enables us to deliver our high-end products at a fraction of the price. Eliminating the middle-man markup lets us pass the savings to you. You’re welcome!

“It came in a well-made crate and showed up on time.”

All our tubs are shipped in triple-down, super secure packaging to prevent damage accruing en route. We’re the only home furnishings company that offers free shipping, and we keep delivery time as short as possible. In-stock items leave our warehouse within 1-3 business days. Large items like bathtubs are typically delivered in 2-7 business days. We’re here to help you finish your renovation project on time!

barnet tub

“Top quality, heavy-duty, seamless”

One of the advantages of a freestanding tub is the added freedom for design. Untethered from the wall, freestanding tubs can be constructed in a variety of shapes, giving you unlimited ability to express your unique design taste. You’ll notice the curved ends of the Barnet meet the floor with a graceful bow, offering a perfect angle for laying back and relaxing. This “seamless” element repeats with the smooth, rounded corners of the tub’s inner basin.

“Not only good looking, but well made”

We partner with leading factories around the world so we can promise expert craftsmanship, excellent design, and remarkable durability for all of our products. Our high-quality acrylic is especially insulated to keep bath water warmer for longer. We treat the interior and exterior of the tub with a smooth, glossy finish that resists stains. Regular wipe-downs with a non-abrasive cleaner will keep the Barnet freestanding tub looking shiny and new for years. Soak your worries away.

“Easy installation”

The Barnet comes complete with a flex waste hose and overflow drain, making our famously easy freestanding tub installation process even easier. If you can forgo rerouting the water pipes in your bathroom, with a friend’s help you’ll be relaxing in the Barnet freestanding tub in no time.

Thank you!

Maykke would like to thank our customers for sharing the joy our products bring them. Hearing how much you love our designs makes providing them to you truly worthwhile. We’re grateful and honored to be the company you trust for stylish, premium quality home furnishings.

Today, the best selling freestanding tub on Amazon, tomorrow, the world.

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