Using Mirrors To Decorate: Give Your Bathroom A New Look

Using Mirrors To Decorate: Give Your Bathroom A New Look

09 March / 2018

Using Mirrors To Decorate: Give Your Bathroom A New Look

Mirrors are an imaginative addition to any bathroom. Besides basic functions like shaving or makup application, mirrors are an essential component of interior design as well as less tangible benefits including room flow, spatial harmony and lighting design. We came up with a handful of ways for you to to add class to your looking glass that will reflect well on you and your interior design.

Wall Hung Vs. Standing

It goes without saying that wall-hung mirrors are practical, reliable, and easy. In a half bath, where countertop space is limited, a medicine cabinet with mirror face is a great option. For both aesthetic and practical reasons a full-length floor mirror works great, say, next to the tub for shaving your legs.

Single, Double or Triple?

A common interior design approach is having a single large mirror over the bathroom sink, either as a wall-mount install or as a built in feature of the vanity. Depending on frame material and dimensionss, some single mirrors will require rugged mounting hardware, possibly drilling into a wall strut. Try hanging two, even three smaller mirrors side by side. Multiple mirrors instead of one big one also lets you mix and match frames.

Choose Your Style: Go From Mild To Wild

Now that you have chosen mirror type and quantity, the real fun begins. Square or round, ornate or plain, the sky is the limit when it comes to mirror designs. For something truly unique your best bet is a garage sale, estate sale, or antique store. Frames can be the star of the show, but for something subtler go with a frameless mirror, which often sport beveled edges. Framed mirrors have more creative possibilities, and by that we mean pre-framed since taking a blank to a frame shop is expensive.

If you want an antique mirror, the ones with patina-like fade spots enhance the vintage vibe. Or get a modern mirror and do it yourself. Interested only in the glass? Seek out mirror speacialists who create custom designs or optical effects in the glass.

Placement: Create Space (Or The Illusion Thereof)

Two mirrors facing eachother is one of the best interior design tricks. A vanity mirror facing a surface-mount mirror on the opposite wall is an excellent (and cost-effective) way to multiply the reflections in your bathroom and create the sense of bigger space or additional rooms. Whether facing a bathroom door, across from a window, or any position that reflects (and thus multiplies) existing decor theme, pairing mirrors opposite eachother does wonders for opening up your space. A floor mirror in the corner is a classic fung shui touch.

Using Mirrors To Light A Room

Mirrors with built-in lights are great for two reasons: 1) Superior visibility for daily grooming and washing. 2) You save space, expense, and labor by not having to install separate lighting. Vanities and mirrors with LEDs offer high quality task-oriented light that is also energy efficient. Get the best of three worlds with LED wall-mount adjustable-angle face mirrors. Don't be afraid to experiment: Light from behind a mirror produces halo-like ambient lighting.

The coolest thing about mirror design? Natural reflectivity does the aesthetic heavy lifting. So the next time someone asks, "Mirror, mirror on the wall. Who has the fairest bathroom mirrors of them all?" The answer is obvious: You.


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