30 / November / 2016

The Perfect Way To Relax

There are countless movie scenes and photos of what seem like the world's most relaxing baths. The concept seems so simple and enticing but when you try to recreate such a moment, you wind up becoming more stressed! So, how do you create the perfect way to relax?

It's not rocket science, but there are a few tricks to creating the perfect relaxing bath. 

1. Turn on some soothing music to turn down the stress

Relaxation is only the right song away. You know how the old saying goes, music soothes even the most savage of beast. Go for tunes that are a little softer and slower. Acoustic songs are always a good choice, as well as anything classical or smooth. Music soothes your brain and helps you to escape from your own thoughts for a little while.

2. A clean bathroom makes for a happy bath

We know, this step sounds like the opposite of relaxing but it's so, SO crucial to creating the perfect bath. That’s why we recommended finding the right music first. There's an actual scientific link between a messy, chaotic home and higher stress levels. While you don't have to clean the entire house, de-cluttering and wiping down the sink, toilet and tub before you start your bath will help you to relax more once you're in the bath. You'll have a sense of accomplishment and you'll appreciate the atmosphere much more.

3. Find the right water temperature

Finding the right water temperature is crucial. If the water is too warm or too cold, you’re bound to ruin your chance of relaxing. A good range to shoot for is a few degrees warmer than our internal body temperature (98.6). And while nobody is going to sit on the edge of their tub with a meat thermometer, a rule of thumb is to pick a temperature that feels hot but you can still sink right into. If you want to make sure that your bathwater temp stays “just right” longer, we recommend finding a bathtub that is made out of acrylic.Why acrylic? Acrylic bathtubs, like the 67” Tisbury Freestanding Bathtub, are able to retain the heat of the water in the bathtub longer than others due to the materials used.

4. Turn off the lights and light some candles

Fresh scents can trigger happy emotions and some scents (like lavender, jasmine or rosemary) can actually calm your mind. Additionally, candles provide a dimmer, more romantic hue which helps you unwind more easily than under bright, fluorescent lights. If you are able to dim your bathroom lights, definitely do so. If not, I'd suggest buying enough candles (or maybe a soft-glowing night-light) so you can turn your bathroom lights completely off.

5. Add bath bombs or epsom bath salts

Either of these is a great addition to a bath and will serve as a soothing agent. A classic bubble bath is a timeless joy that will bring you back to your simpler days as a child. Bath salts serve a similar purpose (although they won't provide the foamy goodness that the bubble bath will). Epsom bath salts can help reduce soreness or tension in muscles and provide a calming aroma when added to the bath.

6. Keep relaxing post-bath 

Staying relaxed doesn’t have to end the moment you step out of the bathtub. If you're bathing in the evening, use the rest of the night to meditate in the calm atmosphere you've created for yourself. Don't get out and immediately sprint over to your to-do list. You can afford one night off of task-completing to replenish your spirit and energy.


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