Product Spotlight: Malibu Bathtub

02 / January / 2017

Product Spotlight: Malibu Bathtub

Earlier this month, we added 9 new freestanding bathtubs to our store. Discover your unique fit from the range of personalities and styles in our collection.

We named each tub after a different area of California. Maykke is based in Fremont, and the Golden State forever has our hearts. Today, I’d like to cast a ray of sunshine on a tropical ten: the Malibu.

My eyes ride the curve of the tub, the smooth dip spanning its front and back peaks, and I’m greeted with a crescendo of waves kissing the sand. I fill the tub and dip into the steamy water, too excited to wait. Resting peacefully in the subtle crescent of the Malibu’s back, I drift into daydream. The sand turns plushy as my toes meet the shore. Before me, sky and sea stretch in gradient of blue. The sun flushes me in perfect glow as waves lap around my ankles. I sip rum from a coconut and sigh. Bliss.

A voice rouses me from my paradise on Zuma beach: “Robert Downey Jr. wants to move dinner to 8 instead of 8:30, is that okay?” “Fine!” I call back. I open my eyes slowly and realize it’s dark outI’ve been dreaming for a while. Incredibly, the water’s still warm, so I dwell in my vision a moment longer. 

Leaving the room, I find myself turning back to revel at Malibu’s beauty once more. I vow: back as soon as possible.

Find your beach in the Malibu Freestanding Bathtub.

How do you create paradise in your bathroom? Let us know in the comments and share it with your friends on social media!


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