One-Piece Vs. Standard Toilets: Battle for the Bathroom

One-Piece Vs. Standard Toilets: Battle for the Bathroom

09 February / 2018

One-Piece Vs. Standard Toilets: Battle for the Bathroom

Toilets may be an afterthought when it comes to bathroom décor, but that’s a very 2014 mindset. With major improvements in design, technology and sheer number of marketplace offerings, the lavatory fundamental has gone from routine replacement to epic game of thrones.

Before shelling out for your prize porcelain, there are some basic questions every homeowner or remodeler should ask themselves:

How much do you want to spend?

How big is your bathroom?

How many people will be using it and how often?

Which kind of toilet goes better with your interior design?

Do I want to install it myself or hire a professional?

Toilet talk gets way more involved, trust us. With these thoughts in mind, tallying the pluses and minuses of each style as outlined below will at least get you on the right path.



- Space efficient. Ideal when square footage is an issue.

- Cleaning is easier given single, continuous surface.

- Minimalist, unfussy look and curvaceous lines score major beauty points.


- More expensive than a conventional or traditional toilet.

- All-in-one designs are heavier so installation is more difficult. Wall-mounted models compound this and may require extra plumbing.

- Upgrades and repair more difficult due to level of technical customization and smart features.



- Less expensive than a one-piece.

- Separate tank and bowl pieces facilitate logistics/installation.

- More interchangeability of parts and accessories makes upgrades or add-ons easier.


- Clean up and maintenance more demanding due to separate pieces.

- More prone to leaks because of external plumbing.

- Requires more space than a one-piece.

There are environmental considerations as well. One-piece toilets tend to have a more powerful flush thus requiring less water. For millennials in particular, earth-friendly features are a major selling point.

Don’t forget cool stuff like touchless flushing, low noise, self-cleaning, heated seats, night light — even luxe options like built-in bidet. One-piece toilets tend to have these advanced features since all-in-one architecture is necessary to house the mechanicals.

If you’re still not sure which type suits your bath, consult this primer

But if you know you want a one-piece, the new arrivals from Maykke are delivered straight to you with a few clicks.

For a replacement seat or new accessory for your existing toilet, we can help with that too.

Don’t let your upgrade go down the toilet. Research, planning, even the grunt work are part of the creative fun that goes into any interior design project.

The earlier you start researching, the sooner you’ll be sitting pretty.


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