KBIS 2018 Show Coverage

12 / January / 2018

KBIS 2018 Show Coverage

Another year, another KBIS. That’s how we roll in the world of home improvement. But despite the hundreds of exhibitors clamoring for our attention in the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida, we had a blast this year. Even with a lack of sleep chaotic show floor, running around the show floor, and multitasking like crazy people, we we’re truly inspired by all the forward-thinking design on the horizon.

Day 1

What a great start to the show! We are seeing a lot of innovative and unique products as well as some amazing booth designs. The first item that grabbed us was this faucet with water from nowhere! We loved the design and ingenuity shown in this unique piece (Kohler).

Our next highlight is this tub (Toto). It is basically a zero gravity personal tub with heater and an adjustable headrest. With the water recirculating and heating as it does your bath won’t cool down so you will be able to soak longer and the benefits do not end there. We were also told that the user’s brain reacts in the same way with this tub as it would with a full yoga or meditation session, just with better results. Sign me up!

How would you never like to clean a toilet again?! That chore is likely waiting for us when we get home. With this new toilet (Toto) not only will you not need to clean but it will also be like you cleaned it with chlorine every time you use it.

This booth rocked our world. The offset squared archway created a structure reminiscent to a childhood crooked house. Welcoming the visitor with its imagery as well as its lights. Really cool and different.

Can’t forget to mention this amazing aluminum printed surface. It’s everything we’ve have been looking for in a wallpaper (it can be used as a counter or wall application).

Other trends we're seeing is more black in faucets, modular solutions, brushed brass, and natural wood with metal vanities.

There was much more to ogle but we had to pace ourselves, so we ended the day with some fire, er, faux-fire. This patio heateractually shoots up steam which blends with background lights to create the illusion of flames. Hot stuff!

Day 2

Today was all about tile like this incredible wrought iron design. Plus there was so much porcelain tile for both indoor and outdoor. Extremely decorative.

Simple designs with specific themes, like this riveted panel motif or abstract patterns like the diagonals with a 3D shadow effect, were fresh and fun. Great for a decorative wall.

And why get wood floors when you can get “wood” tile?

There was wrought iron in many applications including Lighting and Vanities

We also saw HGTV star and former rapper Vanilla Ice but the line at his booth was too long and we were busy meeting with all of our partner factories and new factories. You can’t have everything.

Day 3

We can’t believe it’s over already. KBIS 2018 showed us a lot of new, exciting, and innovative products. Highlights for Day 3 included a brushed brass stainless steel sink ....

... a polished stainless steel sink you can use as a mirror.

And, finally, the most exciting item of the day if not the whole show: A floating shower door, using the same technology as the bullet train!

So much for sunny Florida. The clouds were rolling in so we were getting back to the left coast just in time.

It’s been real KBIS. See you next year in Vegas


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