Industrial Interior Design

19 / October / 2017

Style Guide: Industrial Interior Design

The next time you order an almond milk nitro cold brew, take a look around. Are you in an expensive coffee shop that resembles a 1920's textile factory without the dirt and danger? Welcome to the phenomenon known as industrial interior design.

Lucky for you, your experience with industrial interior design does not have to be limited to these establishments. In fact, industrial style has become one of the most in-vogue interior themes for modern homes. While it takes root from renovated warehouses, factories and other industrial spaces, the basic design concepts can be utilized in many homes with just about any structural styles. Here are some ideas on how to incorporate industrial interior design into your home.

Industrial Design by Definition

Industrial interior design leaves furniture and structures unadorned to champion the raw, functional form. Industrial and warehouse structures are, by nature, minimalist and raw when it comes to finishes. Exposed beams and trusses constitute the ceiling components. Concrete and weathered wood make up the floor. Steel, brick, poured concrete, painted concrete block or wood deck the walls. We’re breaking down our design guide into three elements: exposed structure, weathered wood, and the finishes that tie these together.

Exposed Structure

Exposing ceilings, walls, or columns is one of the attributes that gives industrial design its trademark raw aesthetic. Utilizing this design technique is completely dependent on the structure of your home itself. If your setup is limited, feel free to flex your creativity to get the look. 

Concrete and Brick

Most homes tend to limit brickwork to the fireplace area, but in an industrial design, whole walls are often expose to show the brick structure and floors and other concrete structures are typically exposed as well.

 Industrial Style Kitchen

Expose concrete floors and seal them with clear coating. Utilize brick designs for backsplashes.

Industrial Style Living Room 

Make an entire wall from repurposed brick taken from the demolition of an old building in your area. Place this same brick around any structural offsets or extrusions.

Industrial Style Bathroom 

Concrete floors work especially well in the bathroom because they're the easiest surface to clean and maintain. For a charming touch, make use of stone and concrete designs in furniture and accessories—our Atticus Collection features countertop essentials forged out of smooth concrete.

Industrial Style Bedroom

Like the living room, using entire walls of exposed brick or surrounding structural protrusions works well to bring out this design feature. The brick also provides an interesting backdrop for your bed. Try painting the bricks white for an open, airier look.

Steel and Metal

Harkening back to its factory roots, steel and metal are also very recognizable materials in the industrial interior design aesthetic. If your home boasts structural steel, consider leaving them exposed. If you're not as lucky, you can embellish these as well.

Industrial Style Kitchen

Stainless steel appliances and sinks will really shine. but you might also consider repurposed steel or metal plates for countertops. Add worn metal or oil rubbed bronze drawer and cabinet pulls.

Industrial Style Living Room 

Where structural steel is absent, embellish wooden edges with metal and steel. If you want to go all out, install a cast iron or metal stove instead of the traditional fireplace. Using steel angles on exposed corners, or steel baseboards and/or crown molding, is a quick design hack.

Industrial Style Bathroom

Nothing really brings the industrial design look together in your bathroom like a cast iron claw foot tub. Our Doris Cast Iron Slipper Tub achieves that classic vintage look with Lion's paw detailing, finished in warm polished brass. For a more contemporary look that still appeals to the raw industrial aesthetic, our Woodward Cast Iron Freestanding Tub features a unique brushed stainless steel skirt. 

Industrial Style Bedroom

Exposed steel bed frames or hammered steel nightstands can introduce the industrial style to your bedroom without overwhelming the space with harsh materials. 

Weathered Wood

Blending perfectly with brick, metal, and concrete, weathered wood is another essential element in industrial style design. Let’s take a look at how this aesthetic can be used in in the different parts of your home.

Industrial Style Kitchen

Nothing cozies up a kitchen like weathered wood. Try weathered wood wainscoting with a steel angle iron top or cabinet doors with metal pulls. 

Industrial Style Living Room 

Top off your fireplace with a weathered wood mantel in a time-honored look. Weathered wood industrial furniture or repurposed industrial tables and beams will help draw the room together. 

Industrial Style Bathroom

While not necessarily "weathered," the 66" Halden Cast Iron Pedestal Tub flaunts a dramatic wood pedestal. The dark wood strain, combined with the ergonomic shape of the pedestal frame, proves an eye-catching centerpiece for your bathroom. With the durability of cast iron and distinction of the wood pedestal this tub is a true embodiment of industrial interior design.

Industrial Style Bedroom

In place of steel, your bed frame and nightstands can also feature weathered wood. If you're feeling crafty, pallets make a fantastic construction material for DIY bedroom furniture. Plus, a pallet bed offers plenty of nooks for that essential under-the-bed storage.


While wood floors are signature in industrial interior design getting real weathered wood to cover all of the floors of your house can be very expensive. Our last blog post covered the benefits of vinyl flooring. To briefly revisit, vinyl flooring grants the aesthetic and longevity of real hardwood flooring for significantly less. New technology enables our vinyl flooring to resemble real hardwood more realistically than ever before, not just in visuals, but in texture as well.

Because the material is completely waterproof, will never fade, and resists wear and scratches due to a thick "wear layer," vinyl flooring is a smart option for high traffic rooms, such as the kitchen, living room, and bathroom. You'll get the industrial look of hard wood in a more affordable version.

Industrial Style Kitchen

Wood-patterned vinyl flooring can give a warm and inviting or a more dramatic touch  depending on the shade and tone of the vinyl planks. Darker tones pair well with stainless steel appliances and all the other steel and metal you've incorporated into your industrial style kitchen.

Industrial Style Living Room

The glow of your fireplace is natural match for wood tones on your living room floor. Our Pecan Luxury Vinyl Locking Plank Flooring and Trail Oak Luxury Vinyl Locking Plank Flooring will capture firelight beautifully with their rich warmth. 

Industrial Style Bathroom

We love the look of Restored Wood Vinyl Locking Plank Flooring for an industrial style bathroom. The grey color of Restored Wood brings neutral tones to calm down the room, while its rich texture inspires a rustic quality that's right at home in industrial interior design.


By now you're probably picked up on the universal rule of industrial interior design: anything that can be exposed, should be. That holds especially true for ceilings, which offer a wealth of opportunity to showcase gorgeous for trusses or wooden beam structures. Nothing to show off? No problem. You can install weathered wood faux ceiling beams. Deck these across your ceiling and quickly transform your room to an industrial look. 


Weathered wood on walls is another design feature that works well for all rooms of the house. Here's a tip: you can use our Heirloom Pine Plank Vinyl Flooring and Pine Plank Vinyl Flooring on your walls since they've installed via adhesive. Don't let the name "flooring" fool you.

Fine Details

When it comes to the final details, besides repurposed wood furniture and angled steel edges and baseboards, there are a few more touches that complete the industrial style. Let’s finish up with lighting and accessories to accomplish this goal. 


Light fixtures in any design concept are critical in finishing the aesthetic. Industrial lighting is the perfect compliment to your metal, bricks, and wood, and hits your exposed structures with the right amount of illumination and shadows to set the proper atmosphere.

Industrial Style Kitchen

Wall sconces work really well in the kitchen, especially installed on your backsplash for a little extra light underneath your cabinets. In fact, a Covington Wall Sconce is the perfect industrial lighting to start off with in your kitchen. Center a line of pendant lighting like the matching Covington Pendant Light over your kitchen table for a charming, unifying effect.

Industrial Style Living Room 

Similar to the kitchen, hanging pendant lighting like the Bristow Pendant Lights over your coffee table is a visually tasteful idea that also provides plenty of reading light. This simple industrial lighting addition really classes up the room while remaining within the style.

Industrial Style Bathroom

In bathrooms, walls sconces work very well on either side of the mirror. The clear shade of the Bristow Wall Sconce keeps the eye's attention on the rest of the room, and it emits soft light ideal for applying makeup or daily routines.

Industrial Style Bedroom

Going too bright in a bedroom is never a good idea. For a balanced look, utilize the Bristow Mini Pendant Light. Its smaller size helps you manage the brightness levels while  adding a flair of industrial lighting to your room. 


When it comes to really tying the industrial design look for your home together, accessories play a major role. Small things like hooks, handles and latches all play a functional as well as a design role. Go for weathered steel handles and pulls on any cabinet or closet doors. Be sure you have plenty of hooks by your front door for coats and bags. Our Ghent Robe Hook has a vintage-inspired design face (here's a secret: it works for other things besides robes). Hooks are essential in bathrooms, obviously, and bedrooms as well—pretty much any room in the house, in fact. Make sure you choose the oil rubbed bronze finish for the dark, rustic look.


The industrial design look is very popular in modern design, combining minimalism with rustic finishes. With some imagination and the list of ideas we discussed here, you can add industrial style design features into any home. If you have questions, comments or a few additional idea to add to our list, please do not hesitate to include them in the comments section below.


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