1 / December / 2016

How To Make Your Bathroom Look Fabulous

Your bathroom is arguably the most secure and intimate place to relax in your entire home. It’s a place where you can be completely undisturbed by the outside world; a place to unwind from life’s daily grind in order to recharge fully. As such, making your bathroom as fabulous as possible will help facilitate your rejuvenation process.

Here are some ideas to make your bathroom absolutely beautiful:

Don’t Be Afraid of Patterns

For the bold, combining different patterns in one place can result in a look that’s uniquely your own. You can combine different wallpapers or different tiles — the possibilities are endless. Just be sure the elements of your theme have something in common: A color, shape, or style.

Old-fashioned is Not Out of Style

A combination of lavender and white, navy blue and white, or clean white can give your bathroom an impression of elegance. A simple style doesn’t always have to be boring, it can bring you a sense of calmness and coziness, and it is a great solution for a cozy family home.

The Smaller the Bathroom – the Bigger the Challenge

A small space can really look like a work of art when decorated with enough inspiration. The secret is in the color: Using the right colors can do wonders in terms of expanding the space visually. Think about the colors of walls, accessories, and trim. You should combine the lighter colors and patterns with some smaller, darker details to create a nice contrast.

Let the Sun In

It is the best characteristic of every room, and it never goes out of style. Big windows, light colored curtains, nice mirrors and furniture in colors will give a soul to your bathroom, and the light will make it come alive. Also, it is very practical if you use your bathroom as a powder room too – the extra light will do wonders for you.

The Details Are Everything

The finer details are what create a sense of private space, and they can determine whether your bathroom is stylish and modern or simply kitsch. Think about it piece by piece: How would a chandelier, flowers, stylish towels, a small rug, photographs, and paints change the look and feel of it? One guideline stands above them all: The finished product has to be beautiful to you. It has to make you feel relaxed and comfy; just like a nice hot bubble bath.


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