Home Lighting Design 101: Brighten Your Interior/Exterior

Home Lighting Design 101: Brighten Your Interior/Exterior

30 March / 2018

Home Lighting Design 101: Brighten Your Interior/Exterior

Lighting isn't just about overhead fluorescents anymore. With a little creativity, you can recast everyday household lights into set pieces that are both artistic and functional. Below are just a few of the ways to dazzle guests and re-envison your space.

Pendant Lights

We really like the idea of pendant lights because they are 1) Out of the way 2) Maximize illumination and 3) Have endless decorating possibilities. The granddaddy of all pendant lights is the chandelier but you can make just as big a statement with individual ones. Multiple pendant lights along a hallway is inviting and lengthens its distance. Above a kitchen island pendant lights have a utilitarian role; suspended from the family room ceiling dimmable ones can be set the perfect mood for social gatherings.

Wall Sconces

We're in love with wall sconces. They're subtle but powerful artistic statements. Lining a stair well, they allow you to see where you're going without being overpowering. Although sconces might seem like mere backround lighting, these strategic pops of light make a framed picture stand out or bookend a serving table. On either side of a bathroom mirror, they make an excellent secondary light.

Floor & Table Lamps

Need the perfect accent for that end table? Get a vintage table lamp for next to nothing on eBay or at a garage sale or thrift store. They're inexpensive to repair if needed, but the best part is you can mix and match shades. Glass, fabric, metal, closed or open-ended, the shade is where you can change the angle and altar the intensity of illumination to create cool effects.

Candles & Lanterns

Candles are a super fun way to get cheerful ambience or a chill vibe. They're also inexpensive and they can scent your room. Plus no power bill! Lanterns are a great option for outdoor entertaining or to shield flames from a draft or breeze.

Recessed/Track Lighting

Track lighting is clutch when space is an issue. The hardware is usually confined to a single metal strip (the trackl) so you save some space and the componentry/fixtures are contained in a single unit. Recessed lighting involves a little more installation-wise but for many interior designers, a flush surface is essential for a minimalist feel.


Strobe lights don't have to be a glittery disco ball. Get one of the new-gen of LED multi-color strobes with their softer light. Laser lights are great for wall projections during the holidays, parties, or outdoor entertaining. Project them onto the ceiling to bring out your bedroom's nocturnal personality or as a night light.

Stake Lights

Illuminating the path to your front door doesn't have to be boring. Jazz up this safety feature with decorative stake lights. Plastic ones are super cheap or get stylish metallic finish ones if your budget allows. Installation involves burying a cable so be prepared to dig a 2-3 inch trench along your flagstones. A spendier option are floodlights where the water-tight lense is flush with the ground. Great when blending with shrubbery or just to get that subterranean glow!


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