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30 / October / 2017

Halloween Bathroom Decorating Ideas

If you're like Team Maykke, you take Halloween pretty seriously. If you're hosting a party this year, we've got some Halloween decorating ideas to get your house in the spooky spirit. And since we're a bathroom furnishings company, we wanted to make a special note to include the room in the house your guests will definitely visit. Whether your decorations aim for chilling or cute, nothing ruins the effect more than stepping into a totally normal bathroom after going all-out in the rest of your house. Read on for some Halloween bathroom decorating ideas from the Maykke office and beyond.

1. High-five

Hand Cling

This window cling may be stuck on our customer service office, but we promise our CS team members are actually very nice! Stick a bloody handprint window cling to your bathroom window or mirror for a horrifying decoration that peels right off. You can pick up a pack at any Halloween store, or you can make DIY bloody handprint window clings just as easily. 

2. Entrance to another world

Christmas lights

A really easy Halloween decorating tip involves filling your tub with fake blood. However, you probably don't want to see your gorgeous Maykke tub in such a stage, even if it is temporary. Get a little more creative. Place a bunch of orange, yellow, and red Christmas lights in the bottom of your tub. With the shower curtain drawn and the lights glowing, it'll look like your tub opens an entrance to a different dimension.

3. Skeleton prints

Eel Skeleton

We love this simple Halloween decorating idea in our marketing team office. Our graphic designer printed off some black and white images of sea monster skeletons. Then she placed them in fanciful paper frames and hung them from the ceiling. The skeletons are definitely scary, but there's something elegant about them as well. 

4. Totally witchin' morning routine

Witches Potions

We've all got products in our medicine cabinets that can be transformed into mysterious witches' potions. Go to the antique store or thrift shop to find some uniquely-shaped bottles. Print off ornate, apothecary-inspired labels and paste them on the bottles. Transfer your products into these new dangerous containers to complete the witchy look. Your Listerine might become Lizard's Tears, your body scrub Mummy Sand, or your hydrogen peroxide Unicorn Elixer. 

5. Creepy crawly hands

Crawling Hand

Check out the nail job on this prop coming out of our e-commerce office. Pick one of these beauties up from your local Halloween store. A discombobulated hand crawling out from under the door, or hanging out of your vanity drawer, is a quick yet effectively scary Halloween decoration for your bathroom.

6. Leave a mark

Bloody Messages

Leave a bone-chilling note in "blood" on your mirror or on the inside of the toilet seat for a creepy surprise. Lipstick or dark red crayons look very convincing as blood. Make sure you clean the lipstick off after your party ends so you don't leave a stain! Halloween is a fun holiday, but this kind of terror shouldn't last the whole year round. 

7. Paper lantern spiders

paper lantern spider

Our product designers design excellent bathroom furnishings, but they also crafted this super cute paper lantern spider. All you need is a black paper lantern, black party streamers, googly eyes, and two white paper triangles to make the teeth. Hang this charming Halloween decoration from the ceiling and you're set.

8. Hanging Cheesecloth ghosts

cheesecloth ghosts

If your spider gets lonely up there on the ceiling, give him some friends! These guys look especially good hanging at different lengths around your mirror. If you want a cute Halloween decoration for your bathroom, these cheesecloth ghosts are extremely easy to make. We got the image and tutorial from Consumercrafts.com.

9. Spiders in a web

Paper Spider

Is there any Halloween decoration more essential than spiders and spider webs? Probably not, which is why we saved the most classic idea for last. Our HR manager is pretty skilled with paper and scissors and cut these out of card stock. If you're less artistically inclined, you can find stencils or spider designs at a craft store. Drape the webs over your windows then catch the spiders in the web. From the outside looking in, you've got the perfect scary silhouette effect. 

We hope these Halloween decorating bathroom ideas get your total-house transform off to a spooky start! If you have any tips for decorating your bathroom for Halloween, give us your best party ideas in the comments. 


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