26 / January / 2017

Futuristic Bathroom Designs

In order to create a futuristic interior style for your bathroom, it should involve not only state of the art design, but also innovative technology products. The word futuristic indicates that this style should really seem like something we’d imagine seeing decades from now; light years ahead of contemporary. Here are some great ideas for making your bathroom seem like you are living in the next century:

Minimalism is Key 

Think about how Apple designs their products so simply and beautifully — a futuristic bathroom should follow this type of theme. When you are choosing a color, consider neutral colors, such as white and black, and be sure to tread lightly on patterns.

Go Remote

These days, you can create a smart bathroom at a relatively moderate cost. A remote controlled shower activator is a nice touch that can take your experience up a notch. Installing a multicolor light bulb that can be changed to different shades with your smartphone is another great option. Adding a speaker to relay ambient music is the cherry on top.

Materials, Materials, Materials

Regarding materials, metals and glass can really be a good idea. They give a sleek look to the bathroom, and appear very clean and practical.

When creating a futuristic bathroom design, it’s always good to remember that less is more. The fewer elements in the bathroom, the simpler and more sleek it will look. Think simple and practical, and pay close attention to the spacing and layout.


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