Five DIY Kitchen Hacks: Time For A Spring Refresh

Five DIY Kitchen Hacks: Time For A Spring Refresh

16 March / 2018

Five DIY Kitchen Hacks: Time For A Spring Refresh

Now that spring is around the corner, it's time to freshen up your kitchen. Whether you want that April fresh smell, better looking cabinet hardware, or more space for hosting and hanging out, we came up with five fun-tastic do-it-yourself kitchen hacks to get into the swing of the season.

Home Made Air Freshener

Throwing dinner parties and hosting cocktails means a lot of cooking and cleaning; that's where air fresheners come in. Why spend money on those chemical-smell supermarket ones when you can make your own? Flowers are also a great way to scent your kitchen air. Don't buy expensive bouquets from a florist, just pick a handful on your next hike. If those Valentine's Day roses are still hanging around you can extend their perfuming potential with easy-to-make potpourri.

Compost Your Food Scraps

Our favorite do-it-yourself project here involves garbage. Whether cooking for yourself or a family, you're probably generating a fair amount of food waste. Take it out of the kitchen where it causes odor and put it into your garden to help it grow. You're not limited to potato peelings. Hard waste like coffee grounds, eggshells, and corn cobs are nitrogen-rich compostables that make good fertilizer.

Keep a compost container under your sink (a plastic bucket is fine) or if you're more hardcore there are fancier mechanical ones you can keep outdoors.

Divide And Delight: Create Partitions

Instead of daydreaming about a bigger kitchen, controlling the foot traffic of your existing one is an easier and less expensive way to get the same result. Separate the kitchen and dining area with a simple folding screen. To set off your breakfast nook, install a half wall (sometimes called a pony wall). For a slick DIY move that will have guests talking, string across a rope and drape over some fabric reminiscent of a Moroccan riad bed chamber.

For privacy and visibility, consider attachable sliding doors with built-in window.

Get Better Storage Options

If all new kitchen cabinets are not realistic given your makeover budget, you can create more open space with storage bins, pull-out baskets and more. Retractable shelves are a great way to get the most out of the under-counter area but if you like the idea of everything out in the open, then all you need is a pair of shelf brackets and a wooden plank.

Swap Out Fixtures, Switch Up The Vibe

You would be amazed how a simple thing like replacing the handles replacing the handles on all your cabinets and drawers transforms the look and feel of your kitchen. You'd be even more amazed at all the styles and materials out there. Depending on their finish, knobs and pulls are a nice counterpoint to woodwork and catch the light, accenting your space as effectively as a new paint job.

Light switch cover plates cover plates are another easy, inexpensive upgrade. Because of their flat surface, you have a bigger canvass on which to experiment with artistic ideas.


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