Creating Your Home Spa

03 / October / 2017

Creating Your Home Spa

Still dreaming about your last spa treatment? Well, how about a new dream: that same relaxing look and feel, but right in your own home. A home spa is a great idea for the master bathroom, but elements of a spa inspired bathroom can be added to a small bathroom or guest bathroom as well. The same experience you crave at the spa can be recreated in your bathroom remodel with the right atmosphere. From simple tips to product suggestions to design ideas, here’s your inspiration for creating your own home spa.

tub tray


A tub tray all the way

This is one of the easiest home spa ideas you can try in your bathroom, and one you’ll never live without once you have it. A tub tray holds your wine glass, your book, your fancy candles, your facial scrubs, and all your other home spa products.

Check out this spa inspired look from Maykke Design Contest participant Julia D. She uses a tub tray that fits perfectly across our 61” Barnet Freestanding Tub. As you can see, the tray keeps her products accessible and organized and matches the warm tone of the ceramic pot. With a tub tray, you can relax like Julia in no time!


Add some art

Pieces dominated by cooling colors and uncomplicated designs will do wonders in establishing a personal effect in a bathroom. Not only will artwork lend a human element to a guest bathroom or master bathroom, but chosen carefully, it can help create a cohesive design theme.

The above room was designed by Maykke Design Contest participant Cesar R. Cesar hangs this painting as a focal point over our 67” Covina Freestanding Tub. The artwork immediately centers the eye above the tub. The cool tones of the painting match the blue walls. This subdued, calming effect is definitely one you can apply in your home spa.

earth tones

Return to Earth

You’ll notice these two designs both utilize one of the most timeless elements for a spa-like environment—nature itself! Bringing plants into your guest bathroom or small bathroom is an uncontested way to create an organic, zen atmosphere in a space.

Besides incorporating flora and fauna, using earthy tones and colors in your design will also give your your home spa that relaxing feel you've been dreaming of. Few things have an earthier feel to them than stone and marble, and the best place to start adding them is in your bathroom tiles. Here are a few ideas to spark your creativity using various types of stone types and mosaic designs:

  • Basalt mosaic. The rich tone of these tiles is about as earthy as it gets.
  • Every notice the grain in marble? This tile has sort of a wooden look.
  • Another wooden look can be achieved with a little different mosaic.
  • Changing up your marble mosaic to a more rustic look can also contribute to earthiness.

When you combine a paint or wallpaper color scheme with earthy tones to these bathroom tile elements, you can provide the foundation for a relaxing spa inspired bathroom design. Now you can begin adding in the other elements.

Clean out the Clutter

The spa feel that’s related to the color tones and earthiness is rooted in the space itself. What’s the one thing your bathroom probably has that a spa doesn’t? Clutter. Clutter causes stress and makes small bathrooms and guest bathrooms seem like the walls are closing in, but the absence of clutter can also make your master bathroom feel more spa-like. How do you get rid of the clutter? Here are a couple rules to keep in mind:
  • Anything that can be stored should be put behind a closed cabinet door.
  • Anything that has to be close at hand should be placed neatly where it will be most used.

A bathroom remodel is the perfect time to accomplish getting rid of clutter since you’re taking everything out anyway. So, when you put things back, put them back in a neat and orderly fashion. Of course, the holidays are another ideal opportunity for this kind of project--win over those hard-to-impress family members with a guest bathroom that’s as clean as it is luxurious. Before you get too deep into your home spa makeover, you need to organize and maximize the available storage and the available space.

Maximize and Organize Space

When you consider how to design and organize your spa inspired bathroom, keep the following phrase in mind, “a place for everything and everything in its place.” Besides making your guest bathroom or small bathroom more inviting and relaxing, this mindset keeps down the clutter and makes you feel like you are getting the spa treatment every time you go into your bathroom.

Here are a few items to keep in mind for maximizing space:

round freestanding tubround freestanding tub

Put in a Round Freestanding Tub

While we are considering adding to the variety of shapes in our home spa, why not consider putting in a round freestanding tub. A perfectly circular tub, like our 53” Vale Freestanding Tub, brings symmetry and balance to your home spa. A tub of this depth and width lets you fully relax and submerge your body. You might start soaking in the Vale and stay there forever.

A round freestanding tub not only breaks up the squares in your bathroom, but it doesn’t have to be against a wall. There is something to the devil-may-care freedom of having your tub positioned in the center of the room that adds to the relaxation and the idea of a mini-getaway inside your home.

freestanding tub faucet

Let's Talk Faucets

Don’t forget about your faucets. For a true luxury bathing experience, make sure your freestanding tub faucet has a hand shower. This added functional element allows for total relaxation. Enjoy non-kink hoses that extend to the far end to the tub so you don’t have to move an inch.

We designed our freestanding tub faucets to match our sink faucets. Whether you've got a vessel sink or an undermount sink, your vanity fixtures will look cohesive with your freestanding tub faucet. Keep the finish in mind as you choose the right faucets for your home spa bathroom. Our deep, gorgeous Oil Rubbed Bronze vessel sink faucets fit beautifully with your subdued, earthy color scheme.

vanitiesChange Out the Vanity

A small bathroom or guest bathroom might have limited space to add major design elements like a freestanding tub, but one way to accomplish the spa feel in those bathrooms is through the selection of the right vanity and vanity top to match the earthy tones of our design scheme. Not only does a vanity completely change the look and feel, but it can also add much needed storage space to eliminate clutter.

Even your master bathroom will benefit from a vanity and vanity top with a more subdued and relaxing tone. Depending upon your theme, you can add a more sophisticated style, like the 37” Dani Vanity in Chocolate Birch, or the warm American Walnut tones of the 31” Albert Vanity. The key to choosing the right one requires that you stick to the earthy color scheme. However, don’t get in too big of a hurry with your selection until you have considered the next item on our list.

vessel sinks

Install a Vessel Sink

If plumbing setup allows, another touch of stone or marble in the form of a vessel sink adds a true spa-like effect on your counter top. Intrigued? Let’s take a look at a few ideas for vessel sinks which are in line with our earthy design:

With these vessel sink ideas sticking true to our earthy design scheme, you can probably already feel like you are getting the spa treatment you hope to bring into your home. Keep reading and we’ll add in some more of those special touches you only get at the spa.

white marblegold marbleconcrete accessories

Accessorize Your Vanity

Bathroom accessories make a huge difference in design, but also in the functionality of your bathroom without adding a cluttered look. There are several vanity top essentials which can be blended into our earthy design. Here are a few of those essentials and some design ideas which are consistent with our scheme:

Though these are considered bathroom accessories, they serve a few key purposes. They help keep your daily essentials organized and the concrete and marble material brings an upscale look that isn’t too flashy—perfect for a home spa. With the vanity taken care of, let’s move on to another element that can make a huge difference in your spa inspired design.


Upgrade Mirrors

Before we leave the vanity area in our home spa, let’s take mirrors into consideration. Most traditional vanity mirrors leave a lot to be desired when it comes to design elements. All design elements in a bathroom typically serve some sort of function, but that doesn’t mean they have to be dull and uninspiring.

Mirrors can add a feeling of space and help with lighting, so choosing ones which inspire relaxation rather than the feeling of being in an interrogation room are essential to our design. Let’s take a look at a few considerations:

towel warmer

Gotta Have a Towel Warmer

What would a spa treatment be without towel warmers? Some people probably go to the spa just to get a warm towel. If you are going to add a home spa feel to your bathroom remodel, then you gotta have the towel warmer. This added luxury is easy to add into a small bathroom or master bathroom and will make you extremely popular if added into your guest bathroom.

Lighten the Mood

Another element in a spa inspired bathroom has to do with lighting. As we discussed in the mirror design section, feeling like you are in an interrogation room and under a bright light is hardly relaxing. We’ve already been creating subdued, earthy tones and we need to do the same with lighting.

Here are some ideas for helping to subdue the lighting in your spa inspired bathroom:

  • Install a dimmer switch on your current lighting is probably the quickest and most economical option.
  • Make use of wall sconces instead of overhead lighting.
  • If you use overhead lighting, make it low watt and recessed.
  • Bright lighting is most important in front of a mirror, but it is something that can be turned on and off as needed, if you install a vanity mirror with LED lighting. You can also add the element of music with a LED light mirror with blue tooth speakers.


Add Scents

Another element of relaxation consistent with a spa treatment is obtained through scents. Aromatherapy using essential oils can be a major part of your home spa experience as well. It is pretty simple to add into our earthy design scheme as well. Here are a few ideas:

  • Stone or marble aroma therapy dispensers to match your vanity accessories.
  • Candles can also diffuse scents as well as add a subdued tone to the lighting scheme.
  • Bath bombs in your freestanding tub are also a great way to add to the spa-like scent. Here’s our tutorial on how to make bath bombs.

Bathroom Accessories for a Final Touch

We’ve heavily suggested getting rid of clutter in order to create a rejuvenating atmosphere in your home spa. It would seem that adding too many bathroom accessories would just add busyness back into the design. If you favor clean designs and stick to complementary earth tone colors, your bathroom accessories can be the perfect garnish for your home spa.

Let’s take a look at some of the elements and accessories you might consider as finishing touches:

  • Add in a bamboo bath mat.
  • A rubbed bronze robe hook adds a necessary element to your home spa.
  • Even though the toilet and toilet paper are not really spa elements, your toilet paper holder can also be a design element if it matches the earthy tones.
  • Finish off with rubbed bronze or antique brass switch and outlet covers in order to complete your spa inspired bathroom design.


Your spa inspired bathroom, whether it is a small bathroom, guest bathroom or master bathroom, should have subdued design elements that create a calm, light, and earthy feeling. Whether you achieve this ambiance through a total bathroom remodel or a simple surface upgrade, the power to craft your home’s much deserved escape is in your hands. You’ve already gotten a head start on achieving relaxation and rejuvenation with our home spa design ideas.


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