7 shower plants that will make you happier

09 / November / 2017

7 Shower Plants That Will Make You Happier

At Maykke, we're always keeping our ears to the ground to stay on top on top of home decorating trends. When we saw that searches for "shower plants" on Pinterest were up 300%, we recognized something big. Featuring a plant or two in your bathroom can only be a good thing—that's common knowledge. So why the sudden embrace of "shower plants"?

We dug into the shower plant trend to figure out this phenomenon is so popular. Here's our primer on the benefits of plants in your bathroom, the best plants shower plants for your space, and how to incorporate plants into your design theme.

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Reason #1: The Home Spa Experience

The popularity of taking a day and spending it relaxing at the spa is undeniable. The experience is usually so exquisite, you feel dread at having to exit the environment and go home. We wrote another article on how to create your own home spa with the right bathroom remodel. But even the newest bathroom fixtures, softest towels, and nicest smelling soaps leave one element lacking.

The true home spa experience can only happen when you incorporate lush, vibrant greenery to the room. These need to be real plants, not the plastic versions that sit, collecting dust and triggering allergies. Live plants offer more natural benefits than you could possibly imagine, plus they make your bathroom space look like a complete oasis of health and wellness.

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The perfect symbiotic relationship between humans and plants is almost magical. We breathe in oxygen and emit carbon dioxide as waste. The plants soak in the CO2 and mix it with water, nutrients, and natural light to create the food it takes to survive and thrive. In return, they offer the world pure, clean oxygen as a by-product. It is a perfect circle of co-dependency. But beyond the science of the human-plant relationship, plants offer many other health benefits.

Plants As Air Purifiers

NASA has done studies to see exactly how much the addition of plants would benefit a small, enclosed space. Now, why would a space agency be interested in these results? Naturally, they were looking for ways to easily maintain a healthy living environment for people in limited oxygen atmospheres. The results were interesting. The addition of as few as four or five small plants to a room as small as 10 square feet resulted in breathable air nearly completely free of normal atmospheric pollutants.

Changes in the levels of oxygen were not measurable in this small sampling, but the air made available by the plants was cleaner. It's positive proof that plants are the perfect natural air purifiers in our world. Placing these plants in the bathroom will help you maintain a healthier and more hypoallergenic atmosphere.

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Energy giving

There is a true dynamic energy between all living creatures, whether it is a human or plant. Waking up in the morning and stopping first in the bathroom, where you'll be surrounded by lush shower plants, means starting your day with a dramatic increase in energy levels. There is a nearly primal draw that promotes higher levels of energy and feelings of relaxation. These are same reasons people take time off hectic schedules to go hiking or camping. Connecting with nature is one of the easiest ways to recharge your batteries.

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Stress Relieving

Avoiding stress in a hectic world can seem like an impossible goal, but you can do little things that help melt away built-up anxiety. The feeling of total relaxation produced by being around healthy, green plants is incomparable. If you spent most of your time in the office, the car, or in your house, you'll naturally start to crave more organic surroundings. Introducing plants to your bathroom creates the relaxing environment you need to be able to tackle the world with renewed vigor.


The best plants to place in the bathroom are ones that tend to thrive in more humid, low-light conditions. It may require moving plants at times to absorb natural light, or the addition of quality grow-lights to give them enough lighting. Below are a few of the best choices for bathroom areas.

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This plant thrives in low-light, but grows fast. Find a way to contain growth by placing it on a shelf. Bamboo does not need to be in soil to thrive, so care is really easy.

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Aloe Vera

You should have Aloe Vera near a direct light source, but if kept in a humid area such as the bathroom, they rarely need water. You can break off small pieces and use the Aloe Vera juice as a topical treatment for burns and cuts.

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This plant offers beautiful and colorful blooms that awaken the senses. They do well in warm, humid air and can tolerate artificial lighting.

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Ivy is easily considered the perfect bathroom plants. They are known to thrive in low-light, and humidity. Offering the best air purifying qualities, ivy removes everything from feces to mold in the air. As they grow, you can add them to hanging planters and create the perfect shower plants. Place them at the back of the shower and they will absolutely thrive.

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Ivy is easily considered the perfect bathroom plants. They are known to thrive in low-light, and humidity. Offering the best air purifying qualities, ivy removes everything from feces to mold in the air. As they grow, you can add them to hanging planters and create the perfect shower plants. Place them at the back of the shower and they will absolutely thrive.

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Orchids should be kept out of direct sunlight, but the smaller size makes it possible to place them in many locations around your bathroom. Orchids enjoy humid air.

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Peace Lily

Peace Lilies are an absolute must if you have a bathroom that contains a few plastic products. The peace lily will clean the chemicals out of the air that can be released by these materials, such as formaldehyde.

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Snake Plant

The snake plant is very versatile in care and also manages to filter some heavy-duty chemicals out of the air that can be found in cosmetics and tile grout. They do well in low-light, high-moisture environments.


The first thing you need to do when deciding on where to place live plants in your bathroom is determine the type of lighting available. Plants like aloe vera need natural lighting and should get priority placement in all window sills. If you have a small window at the top of the shower, add a glass shelf and place smaller aloe vera plants here. If your window is above the toilet, add shelves here and take advantage of this rarely-used space. Bringing your aloe vera plants to a higher level ensures they'll get some direct or indirect lighting.

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The space at the end of the tub (our 67" Venice Acrylic Slipper Tub has the perfect ledge) can be taken up with an elegant begonia, peace lily or orchid. Bathroom counters can offer the perfect home for begonias, peace lily, orchids and aloe vera. The snake plant and bamboo should be placed in the corners of the bathroom as they grow. These plants can get big in no time, and their dramatic look will make a bold statement for your new home spa.

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A hanging shower plant like an ivy will droop and hang as it matures. Letting this plant to free-flow will show off the best attributes and provide the best air cleaning benefit to the room, so pick a spot that allows for ceiling hangers. Ceiling corners, upper shelves, and hooks are all perfect for placing ivy in optimal conditions for growth and vitality.

Ready to place a couple plants in your shower? Pinterest has thousands of ideas for creative combinations and layouts. And when you need thoughtfully-designed furniture to complete your home spa, Maykke has got you covered.


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