10 / July / 2017

37 Best Small Bathroom Design Ideas

Small bathrooms can sometimes feel cluttered and claustrophobic, but just because you're working with a small space doesn't mean you have to compromise on function or amenities. Taking advantage of modern bathroom ideas and products designed for small bathrooms can open up the space and add an air of luxury. Some of the best bathroom designs incorporate a theme and make use of the entire space in a creative and organized manner. With some creative thinking and a flair for design, even a small half-bath can become a luxurious personal retreat. Here are 37 design ideas to liven up and remodel your small bathroom.

pedestal sinks

1. Floor Space

With personal space at a minimum, freeing up the floor space in your small bathroom renovation is essential for creating a welcoming and comfortable space. One idea for small bathrooms can include removing your bulky vanity and replacing it with a pedestal sink. 

2. Mirrored Medicine Cabinet

Small bathroom design ideas involve making a creative use of the space that you have. Double up on your storage space by installing a mirrored medicine cabinet in your small bathroom in place of bulkier bathroom cabinets and storage fixtures. Add additional storage with a small, floating ledge just below the medicine cabinet.

3. Angled Fixtures

Unconventional spaces sometimes require unconventional thinking. Look for a sink or cabinet that will install in a corner to free up the personal space in your small restroom. That added space can enable you to more comfortably accommodate a shower or bathtub.

minimalist vanities

4. Minimalist Vanities

Many modern bathroom ideas involve minimalizing the amount of space used in your bathroom. Consider a wall-mounted vanity that allows for storage underneath the actual vanity itself. This space can be used to store a garbage pail or decorative storage boxes.

5. A Natural Touch

Consider adding a few small, low-light plants in your small bathroom to create a sense of warmth and openness in your otherwise tight space. Never underestimate the value of natural lighting and a well-placed window to open up an otherwise confined space.

6. Spend your Space Wisely

A small bathroom does not necessarily mean that you have to give up on amenities such as a relaxing and spacious tub. It does mean though that you may have to incorporate smaller fixtures such as your vanity or cabinet to make room for your more-luxurious tub. When working with a smaller space, you should ask yourself about each and every item being installed, and whether that space could be used more wisely on another fixture.'

Oval Vessel Sinks

7. Don't be Square

Replace your standard, square bathroom sink with a smaller round or oval one. The space that you save can be used to store other bathroom essentials and give you more counter space overall to work with in your small bathroom.

Maykke Towel Racks

8. Vanity Towel Racks

When working with an unconventional space, you sometimes have to think unconventionally. Consider a modern vanity with built-in towel racks to save space and give your guests a place to hang their used towels without having to install towel racks in your new bathroom space.

Maykke Tall Bathroom Furniture

9. Tall Furniture

Opt for tall, but skinny bathroom tables and furniture. This taller style may accommodate multiple shelves while also providing the illusion that your bathroom is roomier than it really is. Creating more vertical storage space will help to conserve horizontal floor space.

double towel bar

10. Towel Racks

No one wants to step out of the shower and need to hunt for a towel. Save space by removing your linen cabinet and install a sleek double towel rack next to your shower. Install a couple of floating shelves above your towel racks to create a natural storage space for your clean and unused towels without compromising space elsewhere in your bathroom.

11. Simple and Clean

If your small bathroom remodel involves laying new flooring, consider contrasting busy tile work with a clean, simple paint job on the wall. The contrast of busy floors and simple walls can help to create the illusion that your space is actually bigger than it appears.

12. Consider a Trough Sink

Just because you have a small space, doesn't mean that you won't need to have several people using it at once. If you have a small space that several people need to use, a trough sink can provide the space for two or more people to get ready without having to compromise on space. Install a ledge above your sink to double as both a decoration and additional storage space.

13. Create a Zen Experience 

Stick with a theme when redesigning your small bathroom designs. Reroute your plumbing to reposition your faucet fixtures to accommodate a simple table with a glass bowl sink to provide a tranquil and relaxing theme in your new bathroom. Whatever theme you choose, you should incorporate a common design theme throughout to create a sense of cohesiveness.

bathroom mirrors

14. Mirrors to Create Space

Many small bathroom decorating ideas involve making your space look bigger than it really is. One way to accomplish this task is to use a statement mirror to add a sense of style to your small space while doing double duty as a means to make your bathroom appear larger and more vibrant. Consider adding multiple mirrors, or incorporating mirrored wall art to give the impression of a widened space.

15. Creative Lighting

Dark spaces feel small and confined. Replace your old, standard, light fixtures with something more fit for a modern bathroom. If you're going for a vintage look, consider a hanging fixture that features Edison bulbs to illuminate your bathroom in a warm glow. Recessed lighting can also illuminate your space without hanging a light fixture overhead.

vibrant paint colors

16. Imagine Your Happy Place

Quiet beach escapes, the rush of fresh air at your favorite wilderness retreat, chances are these images create a sense of warmth, space, and happiness. That is the same feeling that you want to convey in your bathroom. You can accomplish this by painting your bathroom in bright, vibrant colors, and accentuating it with decorations ranging from seashells to wicker baskets to emulate the elements of your favorite places.

17. Go Vertical

Conserving space is essential when considering small bathroom remodel ideas. Consider installing floor to ceiling floating shelving to cut down on the space that a larger cabinet would occupy, while providing ample storage for all of your toiletries and decor.

18. As-Needed Storage

Install an above the toilet medicine cabinet with towel storage to minimalize space while maximizing your storage capabilities. This simple yet stylish approach is a staple in many modern bathrooms. When purchasing storage, try to keep your immediate needs for your bathroom in mind. If you have a more functional place in your home to store your towels or toilet tissue, you may not want to take up precious bathroom real estate in your bathroom with unnecessary storage space.

19. Light It Up

While cabinet space and shelving can help to create functional space in a small bathroom, it can also cast shadows, making your already small bathroom feel claustrophobic and confined. Invest in LED light strips and light bars to illuminate the areas underneath cabinetry, shelving, or anywhere that needs a splash of light and color. Some LED lighting even features color-changing effects that can illuminate your bathroom with whichever colors strike your fancy in the moment.

maykke freestanding bathtubs

20. Freestanding Tubs

Not only do freestanding tubs save space, but they also draw in your attention and quickly become a centerpiece of any bathroom, large or small. Add a sense of contemporary style with a modern bathroom idea by opting for a clawfoot model. Installing a freestanding tub also enables you to break free from the confines of a wall-mounted tub and can provide the opportunity for you to come up with a more functional and creative use of your bathroom space.

21. Extend Your Space

Working with a small bathroom may yield only so many possible combinations of fixtures and amenities. Take advantage of an adjoining space by creating a mud room, or installing a bookshelf or cabinetry to store towels, toiletries, and other bathroom essentials.

medicine cabinets

22. A Place for Everything

While mulling over ideas for small bathrooms, take the time to consider the essentials needed in your bathroom and how you can best organize and incorporate those items. What good is a built in medicine cabinet if half of the space is unusable for your personal needs? Thankfully, cabinet organization products can make use of wasted vertical space in a cabinet, and help to organize loose odds and ends throughout your bathroom. Rather than taking up shelf space for a bulky item like a hairdryer, try installing a hook inside of a cabinet door that allows you to easily access the item, then tuck it away when not in use.

23. Creative Under-Sink Shelving

The area under your sink may be one of the most underutilized areas in your bathroom. Install shelving to the sides and underneath a freestanding sink to create a makeshift vanity. You can also take the opportunity to incorporate decorative baskets in lieu of other storage options.

24. Install a Makeup Mirror

Whether you are plucking your eyebrows or finishing up your mascara, a makeup mirror is a tried and true bathroom essential. Save counter space while giving yourself a free hand to work with by installing a wall-mounted makeup mirror. Not only will you be making a bold design choice, but your makeup game will also be on point. Best of all, when you're done with it, you can simply fold the mirror flush against the wall and out of the way.

25. Tile Placement

Lay subway tile on your walls vertically instead of horizontally, much like striped shirts can give a slimming effect, the long, narrow subway tiles can give your bathroom the feeling that it is taller than it actually is. Couple this with large floor tiles for a size-altering optical illusion.

26. Open-Faced Cabinets

With a little bit of paint, some wood putty, and a creative touch, you can give your bathroom cabinetry a new look and function by removing the cabinet doors all together to create a sleek, modern storage center. Don't forget to light the inside of the cabinet shelving to illuminate accentuate an otherwise dark space in your bathroom.

27. Pocket Doors

When space is at a minimum, you don't want to lose square footage top opening and closing a bathroom door. Invest in a pocket door that slides opened and shut, clearing the way for you or your guests to make the most of the space that you do have in your bathroom. If cutting into your wall is not an option for you, you can also consider a wall-mounted sliding door to emulate the same effect.

wall mounted vanities

28. Floating Fixtures

Floating sinks, vanities, and shelves allow you to have the counter space and storage that you need, without compromising vertical real estate below your vanity or cabinetry. Use this space to store a stylish ottoman that can both give a pop of color to your bathroom, as well as provide some additional, if not unconventional, storage options for your bathroom.

29. Curve Appeal 

When space is at a minimum you want to take every opportunity that you can to maximize on square-footage. Curved and rounded furniture pieces may take up less space than bulky, squared-off vanities, while also providing a sleek, modern look to your bathroom remodel. If you're having trouble finding furniture to fit this space you could always take a swing at making it yourself, or repurposing a piece of furniture to suit your needs.

30. Rack It Up

One way to make the best use out of a small space is to install sliding racks and shelving into existing cabinets. This can create usable space in an area where you may potentially have a large amount of free vertical space. If installing a retractable shelf is beyond your skill set, try attaching a peg board to the inside of your existing cabinets and hang items such as hair dryers or curling irons from the pegboard with hooks.

31. Creative Cubby Holes

Rather than install a bathroom cabinet or a clunk shower caddy, cut space out of your wall or shower stall instead and build in storage where you need it. While this is not always an option for every space, it is worth considering if you are already in the middle of a remodel.

32. Ambient Lighting

While direct lighting is essential for any bathroom, ambient lighting can create a grandeur and space within your bathroom. Install ambient lights above cabinets, below shelves, and in any space that you want to be highlighted. You can even purchase sleek mirrors with LED ambient lights built in for added flair. A small accent lamp or a quirky night light can also do dual duty by providing ambient lighting and showing off your sense of flair and style.

33. Artsy Advantage

The decision between hanging wall art or installing usable storage may be a realistic concern when redesigning a small bathroom. You can do double duty by purchasing chic, trendy wall art that also combines shelving or other storage needs into one compact package. This way you have the best of both worlds when it comes to being trendy and practical.

maykke bathroom hooks

34. Hook It Up

Don't want to waste your bathroom's wall space on a towel rod? Install a bathroom hook onto the back of your bathroom door. If you're hesitant about drilling into the door itself, you could always invest in a stick on or over-the-door model. Now your wall is free for shelving, wall art, or other bathroom fixtures to suit your small space's needs.

35. Ditch the Bath

Bathtubs take up a considerable amount of space in even a large bathroom. If you can do without a soaking tub or tend to prefer showers over baths in general, consider ripping out your tub and converting the area to a standing shower. The space that you save can be used for additional fixtures, or even as unencumbered space to allow you to dry off and get dressed without bumping into things.

36. Relocate Unessential Items

If push comes to shove, and you ultimately need space in your bathroom, one option is to embrace your bathroom as simply that, a bathroom. Create a space in another area in which you can get dressed, work on your makeup or hair, and find ways to improve your health. Make space in your linen closet to store spare towels, and keep extra toilet tissue and other toiletries in a storage closet until you need to replenish them.

37. Downsize the Fixtures

One way to make a small space feel even smaller is by filling it with standard sized fixtures. Embrace the compact nature of your bathroom space by incorporating a small wall-mounted sink, minimal bathroom cabinets, and a handful of small floating ledges and shelves. Think outside of the box by installing a glass bowl sink into a repurposed night stand or accent table to create a chic, personalized, and compact vanity made specifically for your space. 


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