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07 / November / 2017

35 Bathroom Storage Ideas

When it comes to storage anywhere in the house, it seems like there is never enough. Storage space is important everywhere in your home, but it is no more important in any specific room of the house than in the bathroom. Well, you're in luck! Maykke has a list of 35 bathroom storage ideas that can help you use the limited space you have to its highest potential.


There are tons of general bathroom storage solutions which can be utilized in almost any bathroom regardless of its size. Here are eight to get you started.

humans and plants

1. Towel Bar

Installing a towel bar will take care of towel storage, but towel bars can be used for so much more. Be ready to use them all over your bathroom.

2. Narrow Table Over Toilet Paper Holder

Those narrow tables for plants can be cut in half and mounted over a toilet paper holder. Idea via Southern Hospitality Blog.

3. Lazy Susan

A lazy Susan with small baskets or flower pots can help organize your things on top or underneath your sink. Idea via Cosmopolitan.

small bathroom idea robe hooks

4. Robe Hooks

A robe hook beside the shower or on the back of the door makes a lot of sense, but robe hooks can be used inside cabinets, on the side of vanities, or under shelves to hang bathroom items. 

5. Shoe Organizer on Shower Rod

You know those mesh shoe organizers? Why not hang one from your shower rod? 

pendant lights

6. Pendant lighting

Pendant lighting leaves your walls without clutter because the fixtures hang from your ceiling, and it takes up far less space than a chandelier or a lamp. 

7. Wall of Baskets

This one is not as hard as it sounds. Just hang baskets from a couple of towels rods that you mount to the wall for that purpose. DIY tutorial via Simply DIY.

towel rack

8. Towel Rack

Save plenty of space in your cabinets and storage closet by making use of a towel rack. 

Small Bathroom Storage Ideas

The limited space in small bathrooms often makes finding enough storage an enormous issue. In a previous article we covered small bathroom design ideas. Here are 13 small bathroom storage ideas to help gain all of the storage you can squeeze out of that tiny space.  

19 inch vanity

9. Narrow Vanity

Saving space with bathroom vanities is another small bathroom idea to keep in mind. A 19 vanity can save a lot of space and provide storage at the same time.

10. Spice Rack

Mounting a couple of spice racks on the back of the closet door (if your bathroom has a closet) or on the wall beside your vanity is a great place to store hair products. DIY tutorial from Suite Revival.

led mirror wit shelf

11. LED Mirror with Shelf

An LED mirror with shelf makes that essential mirror another place for adding some much needed storage space.

magnet strip

12. Magnetic Strips

All of those little metal items like clippers and bobbypins can be kept right where you need them by installing a magnetic strip on the back of a medicine cabinet door. Image and DIY tutorial from Super Woman Blog

enclosed shelves

13. Enclosed shelves

You can pretty easily hang shelves or storage bins—get this—inside the main cabinet of your bathroom vanity. Our 19 inch Wren Vanity (pictured) works really well for this DIY tutorial via Remodelaholic.

14. Shower Rod with Baskets

Add a second shower rod in your shower and then hang waterproof baskets to hold  shampoo and other essential shower items. Idea from Reddit.

rolled towels

15. Roll Your Towels

Not everyone knows this trick, but rolling towels allows you to pack more in a small space than folding them. 

16. Bookshelf Above the Door

You can mount a bookshelf above the door into your bathroom to keep extra toilet paper rolls and other products handy. You might need a stool or ladder to reach it, so be careful what you put up there. Idea from Martha Stewart. 

17. Multiple Towel Bars

One of the cleverest and simplest small bathroom storage ideas to keep in mind is putting 3 or 4 towel bars in a column on the back of your bathroom door instead of just 1.

stacked plates

18. Stacked Plate Rack

Also among the great small bathroom ideas if you want to add more vertical storage above your vanity or even beside it, is to consider a stacked plate rack with just one plate on each level to create shelving. Image and idea via Blissfully Domestic, which also uses a nice serving dish to hold shampoo and soap.  

double towel bar

19. Double Towel Bar

A double towel bar takes up the same amount of towel space, but it allows you to hang two towels. Imagine what you can do if you use this for #17. 

20. Magnet Board

A magnet board on the back of cabinet doors helps to keep small things organized as well. Put it in a frame and you can even hang it on the wall. Image via Julia Palosini; DIY tutorial on ModernSalon.com.

narrow vanity cabinet

21. Narrow Storage Cabinet

The addition of a narrow cabinet to your bathroom just might be the best answer yet if you lack a bathroom closet.

Mid-sized Bathroom Storage Hacks

Though you won’t have to cram and squeeze to find storage in a mid-sized bathroom, finding storage space to get rid of all of that unattractive clutter can really help give your bathroom the relaxing feel you desire. Here are 13 hacks to excite your creative flair.

32 carolyn vanity 40" carolyn vanity set

22. The Right Bathroom Vanity

Choosing bathroom vanities which fit the space, but have a lot more storage space included in them is one of the best options to choose in a mid-sized bathroom as well. Our 32” Carolyn Vanity Set (top) fits two large main drawers, three narrow shelves, and even some extra counter space into a lean 32 inches. Her bigger sister, the 40” Carolyn Vanity Set (bottom) features two large main drawers, three narrow shelves, more counter space, AND three more side shelves.

hanging baskets

23. Wall Baskets

Baskets do not have to set on top of something, they can be turned on their side and hung on the wall to provide space. Images and DIY tutorial via A Beautiful Mess

led medicine cabinet

24. LED Medicine Cabinet

You can add a lot of space for smaller items behind your bathroom mirror in an led medicine cabinet with double doors.

25. Sink Skirt

If you have a pedestal sink or wall mount sink, you can create a fabric skirt to place around the bottom of it and hide baskets and other storage units underneath. Idea via Better Homes and Gardens.

linen tower

26. Linen tower

What’s the perfect place to stash all your linens? A linen tower, of course! Our Winston Linen Tower measures a narrow 18 inches wide but offers plenty of storage space at 78-5/8 inches tall.

hanging mason jars diy

27. Hanging Mason Jars

Wide-mouthed mason jars can be attached to a board using hose clamps in order to create more storage space for small items like cotton swabs or cotton balls. Image and DIY tutorial via The DIY Playbook.

tension rods DIY

28. Under the Sink

Install a tension rod underneath your sink to hang bathroom spray bodies. Organizing bins can help contain cleaning products and other odds and ends. Image and idea via A Thousand Words.

wall mount vanity

29. Under the Vanity

One of the advantages of a wall hung vanity is that it, as the name says, hangs off the wall, which leaves you space for storage bins underneath.

glass shelves

30. Shelving over the toilet

Stacking numerous towel bars on top of each other works for glass shelves too. Take advantage of all kinds of extra space in a place that hardly anybody ever uses.

Radical Bathroom Storage Ideas

There are times when you have to get down and dirty in order to get the storage you need. We’ll wrap up our list of bathroom storage ideas with a few more radical solutions that can make a big difference regardless of the size of your bathroom.

recessed shelves

31. Recessed Cabinets Between Studs

Most wall studs are approximately 16” apart. If you cut into the wall, you can make use of that space to create recessed shelves or cabinets. Images from Apartment Therapy

diy toothbrush holders

32. Bottle Caps

This one seems a little out there, but with a box cutter and some Velcro, you can make bottle caps into brackets to hang toothbrushes right off your wall. Image and DIY tutorial via Oh Oh Blog.

DIY recessed shower niche

33. Recessed Shelf in Shower Wall

Remember what we said about studs above? You can do the same thing in your shower and create recessed shelving for soap dishes and shampoo. Image and DIY tutorial via Apartment Therapy.

34. Shower Caddy Holsters

A few 3” long pieces of ½” to 1” PVC pipe can be attached to your shower caddy with zip ties and makes a great place for razors and other small items you use in the shower. DIY tutorial via Family Handyman

35. Recycle an Old Drawer

Are you getting rid of an old desk? Save the drawers. Add a couple of dividers, turn the drawer on edge and attach it to the wall to make a storage shelf. Idea from Good Home Design.

What are your tips and trick for maximizing storage in your bathroom? Let us know in the comments!


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