2018 Top Interior Design Trends: It’s A Brave New Home

2018 Top Interior Design Trends

16 / January / 2018

2018 Top Interior Design Trends: It’s A Brave New Home

To start the year in proper fashion, we couldn’t think of a better subject for our inaugural post than up-to-the-minute home interior design trends for 2018. (Velvet sofa anyone?) Although it’s not possible to predict these things with 100% accuracy, we drew upon resident experts, product designers and industry observers to get the big picture. The result was a (mostly) scientific study of what a trendy home looks like right now. And if you're ready to shop, head straight here.


Less Is More

Design has been shifting toward minimalism and its guiding principle of simple, clean aesthetics for years. The popularity of once edgy looks including midcentury modern and Scandinavian design remains strong and shows no signs of waning.

Warm Metallics

This home design trend is still going strong after several years. Although specific finishes will rise and fall in popularity within this category (Rose Gold has lost some of its shine) warm metallics are here to stay.

Spa Bathrooms

Residential bathrooms drawing inspiration from the hospitality and wellness sectors has been a thing for years, and the latest reports show a continuing upward trend. Open floor plan with freestanding tubs, natural materials in home furnishings such as racks and tables, and even landscape features like rock beds and leafy plants (so long, succulents) are just a few of the things people are doing to transform workaday bathrooms into an oasis.

IOT (Internet Of Things)

Smart-home products are less of a home trend and more like everyday reality on an ever larger scale. Internet-ready smart products are simply the future of the home. We may be in the midst of a bubble, over-saturated as we are with some of the more gimmicky internet connected products (Bluetooth-enabled showerheads? Really?) but the technology is here to stay.


'70s Influences

The disco decade started showing up in fashion design a year or two ago and it's finding its way into the home. We doubt shag carpet or vinyl wood paneling are making a comeback, but the exciting mix of colors and bold patterns are having a moment. Think burnt orange, mustard, and avocado green in tasteful, modern applications. Rounder, softer forms in home decor and furniture may see an uptick.

Terrazo (a mixture stones, glass and/or quartz bound with resin) in flooring and tiles could have some growth as well

Deep Colors

A backlash against the overuse of neutrals or just a need for more excitement, bold colors are the new way to make a statement. Deep, dark hues in particular bring the drama. For home interiors it can be used in varying degrees of coverage: Navy was hot last year as was vermillion, wine, and similarly intense colors. 2018 will bring even more deep purples.


Black is the new black, and it’ll have a good run in 2018. It goes with everything -- white, walnut, oak, marble, rattan, chrome, brass -- and adds a touch of sophistication and class wherever it goes. That it hides stains can’t be overlooked.

Wall Dressings

Pinterest has seen searches for Wall Art rise sharply in the last few months, indicating that people are increasingly looking to cover their bare walls. However, quote art and cute, kitschy signage are on their way out (thank God). Look for more abstract, geometric wall art with minimalist and midcentury influences. Wallpaper is another option for people looking for a bigger impact. Statement walls with a fun or interesting wallpaper or tile (especially something with a 3D texture) can totally transform a drab space.

Polished Vs. Brushed

We hit oversaturation of brushed metal finishes awhile ago, and we’ll likely see a correction toward more polished ones. We don't see brushed finishes disappearing, as they will always have their place, but we already started to see the love for polished metal in the backend of 2017.

High Gloss Lacquer

As with polished metals, people seem to be looking for a little more sheen in their lives, especially on walls.

Velvet Furniture

Not sure we can explain this one but it’s been popping up again the last few months. Velvet. Furniture. 2018. Mark your calendars.


Much less buzz than velvet, but could still be an interesting small trend this year.

Glam/Luxe Vibes

When you combine the deep, rich colors, polished metals, lacquer finishes, velvet, and leather, it adds up to a glamorous and luxurious aesthetic. Perhaps 2018 will be about reconciling the opulence and maximalism of glam with the clean and uncluttered lines of minimalism into a new type of luxury.


It’s unanimous among the reports we sifted through that granite is on its way out. So heated and in-depth was this discussion we could have made this whole post just about granite, or lack thereof. Since the ‘80s granite has been the number one feature cited by homeowners fantasizing about their dream kitchens but this prized stone better watch its back in 2018.

Quartz countertops have been eating into granite's market share for a little while now. Quartz is extremely versatile, cost effective, and low maintenance, traits that make it very attractive to remodelers. The intense color and patterns of granite are at odds with continued popularity of minimalist aesthetics. Quartz (and at a higher price, marble) are better fits for the clean look of minimalist designs. The biggest knock on granite may be that after more than three decades of kitchen dominance, people are just sick of it.

The benefits of quartz as a go-to material for interiors go beyond simply being a trend. It’s naturally anti-bacterial, a major plus for families with small kids says Elle Decor. There’s even imitation-granite made from quartz that’s hard to distinguish from real thing but because it’s 90% pure quartz the durability is still there. Although naturally non-porous and smooth, some producers offer quartz with volcanic texture, for those who want a pitted surface if you’re looking to depart from its traditional smoothness. Marble is also becoming an attractive alternative to granite. According to Improvenet, it’s roughly the same price as granite and it’s easy to clean and has a timelessly classy appeal.


On the storage front, cabinets in caramels, cafe au laits, and other light browns are having a moment as we get away from the all-white kitchen look of the last few years. But if you think that means you have to replace all your kitchen cabinetry - a huge expense - don’t worry. Cabinet refacing is hot right now. There’s a Brooklyn-based interior design firm run by a Danish duo who offer high-end face lifts to IKEA cabinets so people can get a bespoke look without the cost.

And along with those warmer wood cabinets, you’ll want matte finishes for the nobs, handles and pulls according to Zillow.


The bold hues trend takes on new meaning in the 2018 kitchen. From cooking ranges to ventilation hoods on down to faucets in fun, zippy colors like primaries and pastels are adorning the most unlikely fixtures and furnishing in the kitchen, right where good old industrial-looking metal used to do the trick.

We mentioned that deep, rich colors are in vogue but in the kitchen specifically it’s blue that seems to be the color-du-jour. The same Zillow report stated homes with blue kitchens sell for considerably more than the way-past-its-prime all-white kitchens. A way to put the humanity back into the cold, impersonal vibe of minimalism perhaps.


Geometric tiles, textured wallpaper, floral prints, why, some interior designers are so enamored of splashy/busy surfaces that according to Trulia even patterns on top of patterns are viable now. While the embrace of abstract designs in wall art loosely falls under this trend, it’s floors that are putting a spotlight on complex designs such as mosaic tile, herringbone hardwoods, and the like.


If you’re visiting Maykke, you’re likely focused on the bathroom so why don’t we get even more specific with 2018 interior design trends. Vessel Sinks, especially natural stone ones, have been the rage for a minute but per the opinion makers at The Spruce, unfinished stone sinks are upping the ante. The duality of polished interior and rough craggy exterior really open up the design possibilities.

As far as materials go, 2018 is shaping up to be bamboo’s year. While there has been a push back against its ubiquity as a flooring in recent years, bamboo is still the go-to as the love of natural material accessories endures. But it’s not just about aesthetics. Capable of growing several inches in a day, bamboo is sustainably harvested, which appeals to millennials and younger homeowners who consider environmental impact when making home improvement decisions.


We’d be lying if we said we weren’t proud that Maykke has kept in front of new home design trends. Like spa-style bathrooms. From vessel sinks to bamboo towel racks, we’re all about turning the bathroom into a restful retreat instead of just a place to brush your teeth. Bold patterns? Our coverings in a range of faux-wood planks, eye-catching tiles, and wallpaper featuring embossed-like textures are of apiece with the design world’s new found appreciation for patterns. Our gorgeous tub collection, sleek vanities, and ergonomic one-piece toilets, all with clean lines and streamlined looks, are in sync with the liberating, space-saving design philosophy underpinning minimalism.

We salute you, 2018. Here’s to the bold colors, granite-free countertops, and, uh, velvet furniture in store for us.


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