15 Quick Bathroom Makeover Ideas

28 / September / 2017

15 Quick Bathroom Makeover Ideas

It's never too early to get a head start prepping your house for the holidays. For many, the holiday season means that family and friends are going to be converging upon your home. If the thought of out-of-town guests seeing your bathroom the way it is horrifies you, then maybe it is time to consider a quick bathroom makeover in remaining months before the real holiday insanity hits. To help you out, we've got several ideas for fast, low-stress bathroom updates sure to impress your guests. So with little time to waste, let’s dive right in. 


1. Repaint

One of the fastest ways to do a quick bathroom makeover is to get out your brushes and rollers and get painting. Not only does a fresh coat of paint give your bathroom a new look, but it can also get rid of any mold or mildew which might be just beyond what you can see with your naked eye. Besides painting your walls, don’t forget doors and door and window frames as well. Try colors that accent the other features of your interior theme.

new tile

2. Clean up or Install New Tile

If you are on a tight budget, you can do quite a lot to improve the look of your bathroom by cleaning and replacing grout and broken tiles. But if you really want to do an impressive bathroom update, you might want to replace your floor tile and/or your wall tile with something new. We’re not just talking replacing the same old ceramic tile, we’re talking about floor tile in shapes and designs that are unique and wall tile that will really impress. 

3. Switch out the Vanity Top

Love your vanity, but not your vanity top? Change it. You can get a new vanity top already cut for your old sink or a new sink you might wish to install. We have vanity tops in several different sizes already cut to fit your sink, so it takes the most difficult step in installing a new vanity out of your way. If you really want to do a quick bathroom makeover with a more modern look, you might also consider a very easily installed vessel sink on a whole new bathroom counter.

4. Upgrade the Vanity

While we are on the subject of vanities, let’s consider switching out that old, out-of-date vanity with a modern vanity set. A new, elegant or stylish modern vanity set just might be the factor that makes the difference between a nice bathroom and a bathroom that has wow factor. With Maykke, you do all your shopping online, and your new vanity will be delivered right to your home in 1-7 business days. All our vanities come fully assembled for easy installation. So yes, you can definitely get this project done before the holidays.  

glass shelves

5. Glass Shelving

Does your bathroom have the shower caddy hanging on the shower nozzle like a college apartment? Be honest. If it does, that tacky thing needs to go and you need to replace it with a glass shelf to hold your shampoo, conditioner, and razor. The added elegance of a glass shelf with oil rubbed bronze is a quick bathroom makeover which won’t even take a full Saturday afternoon to install. No shower? No problem! You can even install a glass shelf behind the sink or toilet to have fancy soaps, lotions, and other daily essentials right at your fingertips and easily available to your guests.

floor space

6. Make Floor Space

Maybe floor space is a problem in your bathroom. Limited floor space sometimes means limited design, right? Not necessarily. Your bathroom update can include modern bathroom furniture which is elegant, but doesn’t take up a lot of space. Tall, narrow cabinets with glass doors or no doors can save a little extra space. Wall-mount vanities hang from the wall (as the name suggests), offering additional storage underneath their vanity bases. Adding modern bathroom furniture like these pieces will surely help rid you of the reservations you have about having guests see your bathroom.

7. Add Shutters

Window dressing is always a great touch for any bathroom. While choosing the design of your curtains, curtain rods and curtain hardware can contribute to your quick bathroom makeover design, adding shutters can take the transformation a step further. Not only can your guests close those shutters in order to have privacy from the neighbor’s prying eyes, but they can also be used to let in more light through opened glass windows.


8. Get Hooked

There never seems to be a hook around when you need one, right? Let’s face it, people need hooks in their lives and they need them most in the bathroom. A modern robe hook not only takes care of the eternal hook problem, but they can add some impressive elegance to your bathroom update as well. Install anywhere they might come in handy in just a few minutes and start getting stuff off your floor.

towel racks

9. Do More with Your Towels

While we are hanging robes and lots of other things on hooks, let’s also consider towels. Almost everyone loves to add color and elegance to their bathroom using towels. Making use of a modern towel ring or two, or even three, is another quick bathroom makeover that can make quite a difference.

There's the whole debacle of what towels you're supposed to use in a bathroom. Which are the personal ones and which are the towels reserved for guests? Set those special hand towels apart without giving up on style and elegance. Towel bars and double towel bars can help you place those functional towels right where you, your family and your guests might need them most.


10. Mirrors

You want your bathroom to appear spacious, even if it isn’t, right? You can do that with mirrors, which not only help add depth to the space, but are also a critical element in any bathroom. Go beyond adding this essential element to your bathroom update by installing an LED wall mirror. When your guests are using a mirror, you'll want to cast them in a good light. Why not make better lighting a part of the mirror.


11. Lighting

As we just mentioned, proper lighting in a bathroom is a must. We already talked about how shutters can add some natural light and how an LED wall mirror directs light where it is need most, but what about design elegance and mood? Walk into your bathroom and make note of the lighting. If it's too bright or too dim, changing up your lighting is a relatively easy fix that makes an immediate difference. Though a bathroom is a functional space in many respects, ultimately, you want to induce a comfortable atmosphere. The mood set by your bathroom lighting can make your guests feel more at home and more relaxed.

medicine cabinet

12. Change Out Your Medicine Cabinet

Maybe you have one of those old stainless steel medicine cabinets hanging over the elegant sink you just installed. Well, that’s just not going to work, now, is it? Another quick bathroom makeover which will make a huge difference is installing a new LED medicine cabinet with a mirrored surface. Not only will the lighted mirror be a great help, but, just in case your guests go digging through your medicine cabinet, they will at least be impressed by the cabinet even if they raise an eyebrow at what they find inside.


13. Replace Fixtures

Another great way to achieve an easy bathroom update is to replace the fixtures on your vanity sink and shower. Sink faucet style and design can add a huge flair to a theme. Look at functionality and the color scheme you are trying to accomplish with your quick bathroom makeover. Whether you go with a centerset sink faucet or with something that’s a little bit more exotic, replace those old fixtures, especially if they are starting to lose their luster, rust, or peel.

countertop accessories

14. Add Accessories

You have to have a new bag, new jewelry, a new belt or a hat to match those new outfits you bought for holiday outings and entertaining, right? Well, you need to add accessories to your bathroom update as well. Little details like soap dishes and toilet paper holders can help bring together the elegance and snap of your quick bathroom makeover. The best part is that they can be matched with other features and elements we have already discussed.

15. Finishing Touches

You might have thought that with accessories you had already reached the limit of your bathroom makeover. Trust us, there is always more. Consider the fact that the most often used and therefore most often seen items in your bathroom are related to turning lights on and/or plugging something in. The finishing touches on your bathroom update should include doing something with those light switch and duplex outlet covers. Even these can be coordinated with other design elements and features in your bathroom. How cool is that?


At first glance, these remodels might seem expensive or time consuming, but when you are ordering factory direct and utilizing easy-to-install fixtures, hardware and finishes, you can do a quick bathroom makeover that will impress your holiday guests in no time. Get started by picking out your favorite bathroom updates you want to try first in the time you have. Don’t forget to add questions or comments concerning our ideas in the section below.


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