16 / February / 2017

15 Beautiful Bathroom Vanity Designs

No matter what the purpose of visiting the bathroom is, there is no doubt you will always end up at the vanity. This utilitarian space must be designed to be the focal point of the room, while also meeting your bathroom needs in function. There are various elements to consider, but to get you started, here are 15 beautiful vanity design ideas.

Keep a Consistent Color

The same shade of gray is used for the mirror frame and cabinets, which also match the vein pattern in the marble on the countertop.

Try a Fresh Color

Mint may also be the color of your toothpaste, but painting your cabinets this shade will give your bathroom an adorable country look.

Open Bottom Vanity

An open shelf at the bottom of the vanity, like the Delilah Vanity Set, is a perfect place to store towels. Either roll them up and keep in a wicker basket or have them folded and stacked below. This will make for quick and easy access for any guest.

Forget Shelf Space

Standing on a metal frame, this large sink is a bold change from the traditional vanity. Though space is sacrificed below, the frame can be used to hang hand towels.

A Central Vanity Tower

With a long countertop, you can utilize the extra space by placing a vanity tower in the center. Not only will it provide extra storage space, but it will act as a divider between the two sinks.

Round instead of Square

A simple change in shape can be all you need to upgrade your bathroom vanity. This round mirror bordered by two wall sconces helps draw attention to the timber vanity. Or you can incorporate the Olivia Mirror, which features LED lighting.

Stay Organized

Beauty also relates to functionality. To keep the countertop free of clutter, insert slide out shelves for the vanity. All of the essentials that would normally be placed by the sink are still easily accessible. It’s like you have three countertops now! Here are more clever storage ideas.

Modern Shapes

To achieve that modern look, it is best to steer away from traditional vanities. Be bold with different shapes, like this oval vessel sink on top of a tetris looking floating vanity.

Rustic Charm

No matter what your design is for your bathroom, a rustic vanity will add a little character while also adapting to the look you desire. Paint the wood whatever color to match your design and distress it with steel wool. You can always repaint this furniture when your color scheme changes.

Bamboo Vessel Sink

There are various materials to consider when choosing your vessel sink. Yes, glass is stylish, stone is cool and porcelain is classic, but have you ever thought of bamboo? Bamboo is durable while also providing the bathroom with a soothing ambiance because of the warm wood look.

Wall Sconces for Any Size Mirror

Want to integrate wall sconces for task lighting, but also desire a full length vanity mirror? No problem: Both can be incorporated if the wall sconces are mounted on the mirror itself. With the extra light bouncing off this large reflective space, the bathroom will appear larger and brighter.

Floating Vanity

For an intriguing and different look, consider a floating vanity for your bathroom. Whatever design you are going for, this vanity can match accordingly, while also defying gravity.

Table Top

Vanities do not need to be the traditional cabinet style. Especially if you are on a budget, it is best to think outside the box. A table with a built-in shelf underneath is a perfect alternative. Top it off with a vessel sink and your bathroom will have a trendy new look. Even better, you can choose whatever style of table you like, which gives you more freedom in creativity.

Double Console

Your His and Her sinks do not have to be connected by a single vanity. Try out these separate consoles and decorate the now available space in between with a plant divider. Two sets of the Fawn Vanity will accomplish this look.

Trough Style

Is your shared bathroom a little too small for a double sink vanity? Consider a trough sink as an alternative. Not only will it provide a little extra sink space, but coincide with that rustic design you are hoping to achieve.


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