12 Inspiring Guest Bathroom Themes

14 / February / 2017

12 Inspiring Guest Bathroom Themes

Who doesn’t want a luxurious, spa-like retreat for their very own master bathroom?

Considering we begin and end each day in this space, the bathroom has every reason to be as comfortable as the bedroom. From sleek marble to large freestanding tubs, the master bathroom is a haven of relaxation.

However, upgrading every other bathroom to this standard may get a little pricey; and in all honesty, not necessary. Though it is ideal to treat guests like royalty, there is another option and a more fun one at that. Decorating the guest bathroom with a theme in mind is a great way to liven up the space with something new. Travel is always good for the soul; why not create a space that makes your guests feel they have traveled to another country — or even another moment in time?

Moroccan Charm

Since the Mediterranean region loves decorating with rich colors and patterned tiles, the walls and floor of the bathroom are perfect surfaces to have a little fun. Simply contrast the pristine white fixtures with deep blue tiles. To fully commit to this design, consider a lattice vanity set or arched built-in walls. Otherwise, a few Moroccan inspired decorations will have the same effect. Sprawl a colorfully patterned rug on the floor, use terry cloth towels with fringe or hang a mosaic framed mirror.

Countryside Chic

With a rustic, wooden vanity against a paneled wall, you can give your guests that farmer’s market feel. Suspend floating shelves above the toilet and decorate with wicker baskets to store the essentials. Subtle touches of pastels can be found in the wild flowers placed in a tin can by the sink. Consider a copper finish for the faucet and light fixtures to really give the bathroom an antique look. Your country-cottage bathroom will be a home away from home.

Beach Beauty

Nothing makes you think of the beach more than sea shells and starfish. Both of these can be integrated into a beach-themed design by hanging starfish along the wall and placing jars full of seashells on the vanity. A driftwood framed mirror, paneled walls, and different shades of blue will transform your bathroom into a mini vacation hot spot.

Asian Inspired Style

Clean lines and minimalist decor will create a tranquil space to begin and end each day. A zen inspired bathroom is achieved with neutral toned walls, black accents and shiny chrome fixtures. To better establish a serene sanctuary, consider covering a wall with a cherry blossom print or separating zones with a bamboo divider. The Aiden Vanity Set would also complement this design well.

Safari Suave

Animal print may be tacky when it comes to wearing it from head to toe, but decorating the bathroom as such will give you a space to feel completely wild in. You do not need to go overboard with print, however. Either white panther wallpaper or a zebra area rug will be enough to give your bathroom that safari look.

Contemporary Cabin

While a cabin in the woods is an ideal getaway from the hustle of the city, you can create a cabin of your own in the bathroom. The idea is to decorate with wood as much as possible. This means the floor, ceiling and all walls should be covered. If this is overkill, then consider using dark earth tone tiles to match the grain of the wood. With an area rug, a couple wall mounted candles and a framed picture of a bear, you can lay back in the tub and imagine you are breathing in the smell of pine.

French Feel

If there’s anything the French do best, it's romance. With pink palettes and elegant chandeliers, the bathroom will be a place to dream and become a hopeless romantic. If you have the available space, pick up a french armoire to store all the towels and other essentials. There is a wide variety of styling options when choosing this design.

Mexican Flavor

Similar to the Moroccan design, Mexican style celebrates bold colors. One of the best ways to spice up your bathroom is to install a mexican painted sink. Nestled into a wood vanity, this sink will be an eye-catching piece of art to admire while washing up.

Retro Fun

Think retro would never come back? Well, it has. Transform your bathroom into a 60’s diner with checkered tiles. This contrasting design can continue by painting the base of the tub or the seat of the toilet black. For a bit of extra color, paint the walls a retro pastel and don’t be surprised if you start singing “Grease Lightning” every time you walk in.

Green Space

Since plants produce oxygen, incorporating as many of these potted species in the bathroom will provide a fresh atmosphere that you can breathe in every time you enter. Surrounded by greenery, you can imagine lying on the beach underneath a palm tree on those cold winter days. If you don’t want to worry about watering, then consider using banana leaf or palm wallpaper to give your bathroom an almost authentic tropical feel.

Future Friendly

Step onto another planet with these future inspired designs. Similar to the bathroom you would have if you were orbiting earth in a space ship, these rounded fixtures, like the Deslin Freestanding Tub will give your bathroom an edgy look. There is no need to bother decorating with accessories because these geometric shapes will be focal points against the empty walls, becoming artwork of their own.

Simply Scandinavian

Both minimalist and elegant, the Scandinavian design is the best for creating a clean, yet relaxing space. Think of bright walls coupled with a matching floor and warm earthy tones as accents. A floating vanity with natural wood drawers and a few potted plants scattered throughout are simple additions to create a spa-like retreat without going way over budget.