03 / March / 2017

11 Ways To Upgrade And Open Up A Small Bathroom

Bathrooms are rarely blessed with the same square footage as the master bathroom; it simply wouldn’t make any sense. In fact, most bathrooms are designed to be only a little larger than a walk-in closet. This means there isn’t much space to work with when styling this room to your liking. However, every problem has a solution, and every small bathroom can appear larger than it really is; you just need to find clever design principles to follow. Here are 11 ideas to get you started.

Floating Shelves

One of the biggest problems with small bathrooms is finding available storage space. Without a large vanity, another option is to hang floating shelves above the toilet. Providing a place for commonly used essentials, these floating shelves can also feature potted plants and other decor. Check out some clever ways to decorate with floating shelves.

Glass Shower Doors

Often, a shower curtain or a built-in wall divider can encroach on a space. To reveal every wall of the room, consider using a glass shower door instead. With the shower head finish matching other fixtures in the room and a tiled wall extending to the farthest corner, the shower will almost disappear into its surroundings.

Oversized Tile

Considering bigger is better, oversized tile can be used to compensate for a smaller bathroom. This large subway tile creates an optical illusion as it makes the space appear larger than it is. Keep in mind that white is the best choice to achieve this effect.

Floor to Ceiling

A clever way to establish size in a bathroom is to emphasize height instead of width. Matching the floor tile with the accent wall of the back shower will draw the eye upwards. This is especially effective in long and narrow bathrooms. For better results, use vertical tiles.

Corner Sink

With little space to work with, utilizing the corners is almost necessary. Placing the sink in this often unused space will allow room for other furniture, while also keeping consistent with your contemporary design. Corner sinks come in a large variety of size, shapes, colors and materials, so you will have no problem finding one to fit perfectly with your look.

Big Prints

A smaller bathroom means there is less floor space to cover with tile. This is a benefit because the lower cost will allow you to choose the right tile pattern. Avoid small prints because they give the illusion of chaos and clutter. Instead, choose big prints with a unique pattern. The floor will become the focal point of the room and establish a foundation to build upon.

Clawfoot Tub

Because clawfoot tubs are typically shorter than the tubs available today, they fit perfectly in a small space. Snuggled up against the wall, a clawfoot tub, like the Gibson, will give your bathroom a vintage look while also allowing ample room for other necessities. A shower head and hoop rod can easily be installed overhead so you will have the best of both worlds.

Natural Light

A large window does wonders to a small room. Nothing brightens up a space better than sunlight pouring in. If there is a window placed in the bathroom, don’t hide it with heavy, colored curtains. Sheer, white curtains will give you the best results or consider hanging nothing at all. If privacy is a concern, apply frosted film to the pane.

Floating Countertop

A minimalist design is best for a small bathroom because less clutter means more area for the eyes to take in. This floating countertop may not offer much storage space, but the more cabinets and drawers you have, the more likely you are to collect unnecessary items that eventually become clutter. Also, the space beneath the countertop is now available for the tiling to extend to the back corners, maximizing the little space the bathroom offers.

Large Mirrors

Use this reflective surface to your advantage by hanging the largest possible. Stretching along the length of the vanity, the reflection will reproduce the design elements of the room. Light will also bounce off this surface and brighten up the small space. Consider using more than one mirror to provide dynamic views. The Harper Mirror is large in size and comes with an LED strip to further brighten up a small room.

Pedestal Sink

Specifically designed for small bathrooms, a pedestal sink is a perfect solution if you don’t want to sacrifice any more square footage. Vanities are great for storage, but they take up an unnecessary amount of floor space. Consider other storage methods instead, like the floating shelves mentioned above. If you really don’t want to surrender a common storage piece, the Wren Vanity Set is just as narrow and still offers a cabinet. 


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