10 / July / 2017

11 Best Bathroom Trends in 2017

The bathroom is the one room in the house that every member of the family has to spend time in, which is why it’s so important to have a bathroom that looks great and has a lot of personality. In recent years, bathroom decor trends have been minimalist in nature. New bathroom trends incorporate lots of color, texture and unique patterns. Whether you are building a new bathroom or remodeling your existing one, consider some of these bathroom style trends.

freestanding bathtubs

1. Freestanding Bathtubs

Though they may need a lot of space, freestanding tubs are gorgeous and elegant. Whether you’re going with a vintage clawfoot model, or a modern version with clean lines; freestanding bathtubs are a great fit with any existing decor.

2. Patterned Tile

Patterned tile is a fun and elegant way to add an expensive touch to your bathroom. Some popular patterns include swirling flowers, geometric prints and Mediterranean inspired designs.

3. Furniture 

You might not think of a chair or sofa being standard furniture for a bathroom, but adding some seating in the bathroom is one of the latest trends. In addition to being stylish, furniture can also be useful. They give you a place to sit while getting ready to get in the shower or getting dressed after a nice, relaxing bath.

contemporary vanity sets

4. Contemporary Vanity Sets

Dedicated bathroom vanities are an elegant addition to your bathroom. Group your beauty products on a dedicated table and add a comfortable stool or chair so that you can put on makeup or get ready for bed in luxury.

5. Dark and Light

Dark colored walls are both moody and classic. Even small bathrooms can make them work as long as you include light colored tiles and furniture. Keep the walls and shelves uncluttered to ensure that your dark-colored room doesn’t look cramped.

6. Wall Art

A few pieces of statement art can go a long way in a bathroom. Bathroom art has typically included images of fish and ocean scenes, but unexpected art such as landscapes or abstract pieces are experiencing a resurgence.

7. Statement Rugs

Fluffy bathmats are a traditional bathroom staple, but the latest trend is adding colorful throw rugs, like the ones you might see in a kitchen, in the bathroom.

brushed nickel bathroom fixtures

8. Brushed Nickel

Brushed nickel faucets and other fixtures don’t have the intense shine of traditional bathroom hardware, but the muted silver gleam adds a classy touch to sinks, tubs, showers and vanities. 

9. Round Mirrors

Round mirrors are futuristic and chic. Big circular mirrors are the latest trend in bathroom decor. You can leave your mirror unframed for a rustic look, or place it in a frame to go glam.

10. Wall Mounted Faucets and Shelving

Save some space in your bathroom by getting unnecessary furniture off the floor. Place bright metallic fixtures or colored shelves against stark white and black walls. 

11. Fish Scale Patterns

Groovy 60’s inspired fish scale patterns, also known as Moroccan fish scale tiles, have made a big come back recently. These fun scalloped patterns can be placed on the floor or wall.

Consider incorporating some of these trends into your bathroom. They add color and personality, and will keep your bathroom looking stylish for much longer than a season.


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