02 / February / 2017

10 Trendy Bathroom Shower Ideas

In an ideal world, a long, luxurious bubble bath every morning would be sensational. However, a shower can be a place of relaxation too, not just a place for a quick wash and rinse. With stunning tile selection, unique door integration and clever ways to maximize storage, showering can be a soothing and rejuvenating experience all on its own. Here are 10 trendy bathroom shower ideas to help you create a space that will add to the overall aesthetic of the bathroom, and sculpt your own private haven.

1. Love those Levels

Standing does not need to be the only option when it comes to showering. If you are worried that a bench will destroy the overall appearance of the shower space, then consider a built-in bench. Tile can wrap around all elements, blending the bench in with the wall. On top of that, take the seat to a whole other level (literally) with the addition of the top shelf. The sacrificed space will be utilized in a different way by providing storage for those large shampoo bottles. Even if the bench is rarely used, it can be a great place for extra essentials to sit.

2. Au Naturale with Natural Light

Not many would consider installing the shower in front of the bathroom window. However, this abnormal design choice absolutely works. A window inside the shower not only floods the space with natural light, but also accentuates the color, shape and texture of the chosen tiles. Natural light bounces off white subway tile and brightens up the entire room. The whiter the room, the better the contrast with antique brass finishes.

3. A Door to Remember

Though doorless showers are becoming ever more popular, why not do something different and design a door to be more than merely functional? This bold, Japanese inspired door becomes the focal point of the room as it demands every bathroom visitor to peer through the presumed windows into the pristinely designed shower space. These steel framed enclosures will give your bathroom an industrial edge and an artistic flair. Check out Coastal Shower Doors for more inspiration. 

4. Maximize Small Space 

Freestanding tubs are a wonderful addition to a bathroom, but often take up valuable space. If you have a small bathroom, but desire to lay back and soak, you do not need to forfeit space for a shower. Instead, install a shower head over the edge of a tub like the Harrow Freestanding. This may be a traditional shower/tub combination, but you can make it trendy with an accent wall and a built-in shelf for the essentials.

5. Double Trouble

Everyone knows two is better than one. In a master bathroom, if you have two sinks, why not also have two shower heads? Placed side by side or at either end of the shower, dual shower heads will provide convenience for those rushed mornings. The symmetry of the shower fittings against a veiny pattern of a marble background will give your bathroom a dynamic appearance.

6. Into the Woods

Cozy up in the shower and dream of being in the wilderness. Steering away from the commonly used and sleek appearance of white tiles, opting for this wooden panel design will soften up an overly sterile looking room. Of course, the wood tile is often made of porcelain for durability against wet conditions, but who is to know otherwise? Plus, the wooden design will keep consistent with the American Walnut of an Aiden Vanity.

7. Shadow Box Shelves 

While shower caddies can easily be placed in any shower, they aren’t aesthetically appealing and often attract clutter. By implementing shadow box shelves, you can integrate storage as part of the overall design. The shelf can be whatever size you desire; and even better, there can be multiple. Just remember, fewer shelves might encourage you to recycle those empty bottles more often. 

8. Black is the New Black 

Contrasting with a white tiled background, matte-black fixtures give the bathroom that modern, industrial look that is seriously trending. Though chrome and brass are sleek and valuable finishes, black will be different. A simple design with a lasting impact.

9. Rack Your World 

What is a shower without a place to hang your towels? A few hooks off the door or wall may serve their purpose, but a true and trendy upgrade is to install a metal rack. The finishing will match that of the other fixtures, while also giving the bathroom a modern touch. Even better, these towel racks can come as electric like the Alpine Wall Mount and speed up the drying process by warming up those wet towels after use.

10. Not Another White Wall 

Just because all white bathrooms are trending doesn’t mean you have to give up on color altogether. Accent walls add charm and personality to an all-white space. With many walls to dub this honor, a great place to consider is the back wall of the shower. Whatever color or pattern of tile you choose, this accent wall will do wonders to the space, as long as a glass door is used to expose and showcase the stunning design.