10 Examples Of Scandinavian Inspired Bathroom Design

21 / February / 2017

10 Examples Of Scandinavian Inspired Bathroom Design

Due to the long and dark winters in the Nordic countries of Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland, the Scandinavians created an ideal design scheme to brighten up the homes of their inhabitants. Featuring neutral color palettes, natural textures, clean lines and minimal decor, Scandinavian design offers a balance of functionality and aesthetics. If there is any room in the home that benefits from this design, it is the bathroom. Often a small and dark space, the bathroom can be transformed with the right design choices. For a little inspiration in how to open up your bathroom, here are examples of Scandinavian inspired designs.

White Walls

White is the primary color choice when it comes to designing a Scandinavian bathroom because natural light reflects best off these bright surfaces. The lighter the room, the bigger it seems. Though many believe white to be an uninteresting color to commit the walls to, it actually provides a blank slate for other color combinations. This means that whatever accents you choose to include will pop even more against the all-white background. White subway tile is great for this because the dark grey grout stands out as a captivating feature.

Black Accents

As the best contrast to white, black is regularly utilized in Scandinavian design because it defines the features of the room. From the plumbing fixtures to the shower frame, black invites the eye to wander around and admire the various focal points. Black is especially ideal for the floor tiles because it acts as a foundation to help anchor the room.

Wood Materials

For a little appreciation of the outdoors, Nordic homes often feature wood pieces as part of the furniture due to its large availability in their region. Light colored wood not only adds a unique look and texture, but also softens the cold white space. A simple wooden countertop or lumber beams across the ceiling are great ideas to enhance the serenity of the room. 

One Color, Multiple Shades

An all-white Scandinavian room is nothing without a little bit of personality. Incorporating doses of your chosen color will help to liven up the space. Using multiple shades of the same color will add interest and depth, but remember to not go overboard. Scandinavian design prides itself on minimalism, which means you must not clutter the room with colorful accessories.

Smooth Lines

Since simplicity is key, furniture is not expected to go above and beyond in terms of design and structure. For the vanity, handleless drawers create a streamline look and the floating variety means more floor space below. Tiling should stretch from floor to ceiling and bathroom accessories, like the Soma Towel Ring, should be simple and clean cut.

Round Mirrors

Whether large or small, round mirrors offer a different look than the traditional rectangular version. Though square mirrors are often seen in Scandinavian bathrooms as well, circular ones draw attention to the vanity better. For an even more dynamic look, install rectangular vessel sinks to contrast with the round shape of the mirrors sitting above.

Pendant Lights

Scandinavian bathrooms rely on large windows for lots of natural light to stream through and brighten up the space. Since sunlight is only available for a certain number of hours and not every bathroom is blessed with enough wall space to include a large window, other lighting methods need to be considered. Recessed lights can be used to meet the demand for widespread lighting, but pendant lights are a charming addition to hang beside the mirror as task lighting. Keep in mind that the pendant lights should coincide with the overall design of the bathroom.

Tankless Toilet

Toilet tanks often attract all kinds of clutter, which completely goes against Scandinavian design. To avoid this tempting extra storage space, opt for a tankless toilet instead. The toilet bowl will blend in with the white wall and you can match the flush finish with other fixtures in the room.

Touch of Green

To bring energy and balance into the room, place potted plants throughout the space. The leaves are a striking green against the white walls. One or two of them is more than enough as they are strictly used for minimal decor. In fact, greenery tends to be the only decorative item found in Scandinavian bathrooms.

Less is More

The number one thing to remember when it comes to Scandinavian design is that less is more. Bathrooms require large amounts of essentials to be readily available, but they do not need to be on display. Think of incorporating inconspicuous cabinets or closets to hide everything a bathroom needs. A couple of items, like spare towels, can be stored on a built-in shelf, but keep the stack to a minimum. As for shampoo bottles and hand soaps, a couple of them can sit openly in their designated locations, but always remember to recycle the empty ones. Finally, there is no need to decorate the walls with artwork. Leave them blank and consider a single decorative piece, like a wooden stool, to add character to the floor space.


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