Agata Bamboo Vessel Sink

Agata Bamboo Vessel Sink
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SKU: NHA1200101
Description & Features

Description & Features

  • Waterproof
  • Durable, resists cracking
  • Eco-friendly
  • round shape
  • Bamboo natural color
  • 16-9/16" W x 16-9/16" D x 5-9/16" H

Plunge into the simple life with the Agata Bamboo Vessel Sink. Constructed of solid bamboo, a material known for its light weight but also incredible strength, the Agata Bamboo Vessel Sink is the perfect centerpiece around which to build your bath or shower space. Make it your centerpiece for a Zen-like aura or as an organic accent to tie your space together. It may seem unconventional to use wood as a sink material but that’s the surprising appeal of bamboo. Although it is technically a type of grass, bamboo is harder than most hardwood. Because of its incredible density, it is extremely durable and resistant to cracks. Its smooth surface is absolutely water tight and easy to clean. Plus it’s lightweight for easy installation or removal. With its warm, earthy color, tapered rim for a sleek look, and natural waterproof properties, the Agata Bamboo Vessel Sink will please the most discerning house guest. The ergonomic simplicity and unique grain pattern of the Agata Bamboo Vessel Sink make it the perfect accent for an organic-themed decor or rural Asian flavor. The Agata Bamboo Vessel Sink is also an ideal choice for the ecologically minded homeowner.


Additional Information

Solid Bamboo
Overall Measurements
16-9/16" W x 16-9/16" D x 5-9/16" H
Assembly Required
Product Care
Wipe and dry it with a soft towel after use.
Not Applicable
Faucet Centers
No Faucet Hole
Number of Sinks
Overflow Hole

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