Our Mission

Your home - the relationships you build, the memories you make there - is a reflection of you.

As our lives change, our homes change with them. We add rooms to welcome new family members, modify spaces as children grow up, and remodel when we earn that promotion.

No matter your life stage, we want to help you create your dream home.

Our Promise

We deliver premium quality products at competitive prices through a seamless home shopping experience.


We source our store with dependably-crafted, impeccably-designed, and uniquely-styled products manufactured by leading factories around the world.


We give significant savings to customers by operating a factory-direct model that eliminates the traditional retail markup.


We provide storewide free shipping, easy returns, and dedicated support to meet customer needs at every stage.

Our Story

Accessing and buying high quality home goods used to be a luxury only the ultra-wealthy could afford.

A few years ago, one of our founders wanted to remodel his master bathroom with a designer look. Like many homeowners who have attempted the same project, he realized quickly how ambitious this was. He spent weekend after weekend driving to different retailers, returning empty handed each time. The style and quality he wanted just wasn’t sold in stores. The luxury brands he did like were impossibly out of budget.

He decided to create a smarter home shopping model.

He began by building a team of Silicon Valley technologists, product experts, and world-class designers. Together they established partnerships with innovative factories around the world. The new model gives factories a go-to-market platform and gives homeowners an online global marketplace. The secret? Cutting out the middle-man saves markup costs for customers, distribution costs for factories, and huge environmental costs for the planet.

Our founder finally finished his master bathroom, and yes, it is stunning.

Let us  

Maykke your life rich

Let us Maykke your life rich

Giving Back

Over 20 million Americans are in need of structurally necessary home repairs and remodels, so Maykke is partnering with Rebuilding Together, a leading nonprofit committed to rebuilding communities and improving the lives of our neighbors in need.


Our Team