23 Sq Ft Restored Wood Vinyl Interlocking Plank Flooring

23 Sq Ft Restored Wood Vinyl Interlocking Plank Flooring
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SKU: JHA1010101
Description & Features

Description & Features

  • 23.30 Sq Ft (Box) / 48" W x 7" D x 3/16" H
  • Highest quality vinyl plank flooring resembles real hardwood
  • Waterproof, fade-resistant, anti-bacterial, non-slip, heat-resistant, and wear-resistant
  • Easy locking installation
  • Wide planks offer faster installation and show less joint lines
  • Gorgeous grey color and texture of trendy restored wood

For a cozy and trendy Scandinavian-style interior, choose our gorgeous Restored Wood Vinyl Plank Flooring. Interior design experts continue to indicate the popularity of grey tones with low-sheen finishes. The grey color of Restored Wood brings calming, neutral tones to a room, while its rich texture inspires a rustic quality. Install this in busy rooms to usher in a sense of tranquility. Modern design champions open spaces and airy atmospheres—pair this vinyl plank flooring with white and light colored walls and furniture to achieve a modern look. Our highest quality vinyl plank flooring provides all the beauty of natural restored wood without the expense or upkeep. New technology allows vinyl flooring to realistically resemble restored wood in a materials that's easy to clean, install, and maintain.


Additional Information

Overall Measurements
48" W x 7" D x 3/16" H
Assembly Required
Product Care
Use a clean cloth with products recommended for vinyl flooring.
Not Applicable
Fade Resistant
Square Footage
23.3 sqft
Pieces Per Box

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